Cows can be protected from flies by painting them in the color Zebra

Scientists from around the world are actively exploring distant planets, but still can’t understand why Zebra painted in black and white. In one of the materials we mentioned that at the moment, researchers have several explanations for the unusual color of zebras. In their view, striped texture helps animals regulate body temperature, to quickly find relatives, hide from predators or to scare off insects. It seems that the last theory is the most correct, because recently Japanese scientists have painted cows in the color Zebra and found that the texture really deters pests. The discovery could save the animals from suffering, and farmers from spending millions of dollars.

Due to biting flies cows have a lot of stress

Because attacking livestock insects American farmers really are suffering huge losses. The fact is that when cows are exposed to biting flies, they are experiencing severe stress, which leads to slow weight gain and reduced milk production. Subsequently, the breeders sell much less product and make $ 2 million a year less than they could. But this may lead to a shortage of meat, which prices can significantly jump. But nobody wants that, right?

How insects are harmful to animals?

Of course, farmers can deter flies and other pests with all kinds of means against insects. However, they are expensive and also have a negative impact on the budget of farmers. In addition, many chemicals can harm the health of livestock, which can affect the taste of the meat and milk. Selling tasteless products livestock producers may lose customers — and here again they lose money.

However, very soon the artificial meat real soon.

How to protect animals from insects?

In February 2019, researchers from the US and the UK had dressed a horse in a Zebra costume and proved that striped coloration is really able to deter pests. They explained the unusual phenomenon by the fact that black and white stripes prevent the insects to fall on the bodies of animals. In the case of horse flies trying to bite it, but in the end missed and just hit against their bodies. So why not apply this method of getting rid of insects in practice?

Cow painted in the colors of Zebra

Probably, it is thought that Japanese researchers and inflicted on the bodies of black cows white strip. The distance between the lines, like these zebras, was 4-5 centimeters. During the observations, the scientists noticed that the insects do become less likely to attack animals. It was evident from the behavior of cows, because they hardly waved their tails in attempts to scare off pests. The visual inspection is revealed that flies bite cows on 50% less than usual.

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Zebra indirectly can save us from starvation and disease

In the near future, this unusual but highly effective way to protect animals from insects to gain in popularity. Farmers just have to pick a paint that does not cause cows allergic reactions and is not washed off as possible for a long time. It is likely, the method will be effective in the protection of other animals like horses and sheep. So, farmers can sell more products and at more competitive prices.

But in the shortage of pork in China is not to blame insects, and dangerous disease — the African plague.

If you look far into the future, this method of insect repellents may even stop the spread of dangerous diseases like malaria. Just imagine biologists can catch wild animals and paint them in black and white. In theory, this will prevent malarial mosquitoes infect animals, and therefore, a deadly disease will become less common.

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