Craig Wright did not disclose information about their assets in the case of Kleiman

Trial with the participation of Craig Wright received a new turn — this time Factory failed to provide the court with clear evidence regarding the value of their Bitcoinwallet at the time of December 31, 2013. In the present case, Wright appeared as the defense, which the plaintiff accused in the theft of a huge number of bitcoins now deceased programmer David Kleiman.

Where is cryptocurrency?

Craig Wright has repeatedly stated that he is the true Creator of Bitcoin. Turns out he’s really involved in the early development of cryptocurrency. At least, so says the family of the deceased David Kleiman, an expert on computer security. At the time, Kleiman has made a great contribution to the development and popularization of the blockchain.

In court the case of Kleiman appeared in February 2018. Then the heirs of David said that worked with him Craig Wright. After the death of Factory Kleiman allegedly embezzled hundreds of thousands of bitcoins, worth about $ 5 billion at the current exchange rate.

The family of Kleiman did not know then about the huge number of coins in the wallets of the programmer. After the theft of cryptocurrency Craig successfully used the situation and showed the relatives of the deceased, fake documents, according to which David supposedly bequeathed to stream all your digital assets Factory. At the time, Bitcoin had not been so expensive, therefore, most likely, the documents has not given value.

Source: NLC

Earlier this month, the judge demanded that Wright personally appear at the courthouse to continue the proceedings. Craig rejected the demand and asked to hold the meeting in a videoconference mode. According to him, the appearance in court will put him in a “disadvantageous position.”

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