Crawler drone will prevent emergency situations at the construction site

The issue of safety during construction works – not an empty phrase. Because the slightest mistake can lead not only to injury of one person, but to be dangerous in the future. And new technologies can help improve safety control. For example, the company’s specialists Doxel developed a crawler robot-the superintendent who will carry out the scanning of the building object and to inform people about violations and construction defects that can even be dangerous in the future.

Doxel in their work used a robot with artificial intelligence. It is guided with the help of HD cameras and devices, able to “Shine through” the wall to search for defects. In addition, the drone is able to use industrial scanner for inspection of construction sites. Once the robot collects all the necessary information, he assesses it, the comparison with the existing drawings and building codes and generates a report that in addition to information about the condition of the building also informs about the delay or ahead of schedule.

If something is built or installed incorrectly, the AI informs and offers solutions to the problems. CEO Doxel Saurabh, Ladha believes that the new technology can be used to save time and money during the construction of major facilities. Detailed video about the work of the crawler drone is available below.

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