“Cream bus” applies in Egypt, facilitate the lives of 40% of patients with and without prior booking

Launched Careem – the internet platform of leading in the Middle East – Service “ – cream bus” at the base, through 4 lines of empirical covering number of the main districts in the capital, such as central city and sixth of October trade.

And this is the first service for smart in Egypt that offer the feature of “instant booking” or “On Demand” which means no need to pre-book your flights, also offer “ice bus” to the designers the possibility of a unique allow to use the service without application in the case of the vacancy of the rest.

In this regard, said the roar of the Shelby, the director of public transport – a cream bus Careem Bus: “after we serve the cream in 2014, the market expects the same trade technology super quality – so why not be public transport easily transport the individual to? Studies have revealed that conducted by the company of the cream that 40% of designers do not get transfer service fit their needs, the situation is getting worse.”

She said Shelby, in a press statement, that “cream bus” will determine the breakthrough in the field of public transport, to provide a premium service at a competitive price allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of technical and modern technology in a convenient manner, and will also reduce the traffic congestion in the cities, where that development can lead to a decrease by up to 70% in the number of vehicles on the street and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.”

Completed Shelby: “we plan to invest $ 100 million in the next period, not only did we invest in capital only, but we acquired to apply the “comet die” to serve the public transport, which met with success in India, and we have to prepare the design of the application and development of technology used in them to suit the use requirements of the designers.”

Confirmed Shelby’s determination firm cream to support this service by offering more fonts and increase the number of buses on all lines, with the expansion of the service to the largest cities in the Republic during the months.

She assured Shelby that the “cream bus” move to provide the best standards of safety and security in the service by providing periodic training for adults from the drivers door to deal with the customer, besides the assessment of the condition of the fleet to avoid breakdowns, this is in addition to that the cream offers insurance to full on all flights, and control the speed of the door and the quality of the leadership of the captain, with the possibility of communicating with the center of Care with the cream.

Added covered Sheikh, CEO “Karim”: “the launch of ’the cream bus’ means that the options movement has become better for millions of people, as well as reduce congestion and pollution in the city. Cairo is only the beginning. We believe that the transmission of the “cream” to work on the shuttle services is an important step that will impact significantly and positively on the transport system in the region.”

The next big now 22.9 million, is expected to reach a population to 40 million by 2050. The report of the World Bank that the annual costs which are spent in the streets and traffic in Cairo up to 8 billion dollars where spend per person about 50 hours a month and 60 percent of the trips have only one passenger per vehicle.

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