Cream can take on the application of the bike sharing UAE “car, the”

كريم تستحوذ على تطبيق مشاركة الدراجات الإماراتي "سياكل"

Announced the cream from entering the system problems of transport of small market companies and the application of the context of the “Cyacle” the UAE, which is an application that offers services similar to the system application to watch the cars, but for bicycles.

And controls the application of policy on a large proportion of the market share of cycling in the United Arab Emirates has been launched in 2014 offers the possibility to hire bicycles in specific places working 24 hours a day, these services work in the capital Abu Dhabi.

After the acquisition of the cream on the service, they will be launching a new application separately does not carry its name as you can login to comment via the application of the main company, of course, will be available on Android and iOS.

The service will be available through payment via credit card, next to the possibility to get subscriptions to daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly to enjoy the service.

After this acquisition we might see the cream expand the business circle in the UAE, especially since governments there are development projects to encourage people to use cycling as a means to save health.

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