Cream get new investment worth$ 200 million

كريم تحصل على استثمار جديد بقيمة 200$ مليون

Closed cream round of investment with a new$ 200 million (750 million SR) led by the Saudi Arabian investment “Saudi Technology Ventures” in partnership with the pilot group, Kingdom Holdings, Inc. Rakuten Japanese. To cream its market value to more than$ 2 million.

The company is cream known to everyone by its own service recommendation in the Middle East and North Africa, where you set off from Dubai modestly in 2012, then reached to more than 120 different city in the region, stretching from Pakistan in the east to Morocco in the West.

The company had been founded by covered elder, Magnus also, Abdullah Elias, to avoid that new prospects in the region and in paying companies the purification of the new to go through different experiences and to assist them in development.

And the Saudi Technology Ventures led the new investment “there is a common denominator between us and them boils down to the idea that technology is key in streamlining and improving and upgrading the lives of many.”

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