Create a campaign slogan devised in the UAE, awarded Edison global

The “over” wins Edison gold innovation during a special awards ceremony held in New York City in the presence of senior scientists, academics and business people

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 15, 2018: I launched a company “over” with the recent “happiness index based on the block Chi” need the feeling “swallowed in the UAE”, to one of the largest forums of innovation in the world on highlighting the inventions of modern and prizes Edson world 2018. The companies merged during the solemn ceremony held in the eleventh of the month of April in the city of New York, award “Edson” global gold for Best innovation for 2018 under the category “pallets”.

And the company’s launch with the slogan “smile in the UAE,” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the owner of the first brick which is painted the road paved in front of coupling the name of the UAE sovereignty and its future, is the inspirational “over” first to invent these modern solutions. It also commended the company also role of Dubai smart government, their partners in business and the many initiatives that were put forward about the happiness and future, which played a fundamental role in stimulating and pushing engineers and inventors research and Development Center and product group in the UAE to develop this kind of solutions.

Confirmed “over” that she worked to show the role of effective leadership and all who participated in this innovation while viewing it on the officials awards Edson world. It put a police light on the efforts of the state leadership of the tireless efforts and tireless in achieving and establishing the sustainability of the concept of happiness of its citizens and providers.

On the occasion of this event, said nidal Abu nice, President of the “over” in Europe and the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, that this great achievement is the product of a shared belief in the role of emerging technology in the achievement of happiness and sustainability. He stressed Abu cute in his statement on the extent of flexibility enjoyed by the company “avia” and their ability to keep up with the aspirations of the UAE and its leadership wise which appeared evident through the creation of the “happiness index based on the block Chi.”

As stated by Ahmed helmy, Director of the design solutions developed in the company “over” by saying” technology is emerging as a “tsunami” which unlike hurricanes, you receive widely welcomed by the governments campus and who in turn realized the extent of their ability to change a lot of the details of human life. Today, through this innovation, show the world an example of mature use of the emerging technology and how we created her to make people happy.

This and awards Edison since its launch in 1987 by being one of the leading global events which highlight the most important innovations and inventions in the world both in terms of products, services or leadership. And awards Edson Christian in the world famous “Thomas Edson”, punctuated by the many inventions and achievements that have changed the world. Candidates for the award Edison by more than 3000 business leaders, scientists and academics from all over the country who vote for finalists to meet the award criteria stringent quality.

Find the gold that has been disclosed for solutions of the “happiness index based on the block Chi” through the platform of Gitex 2017, and this innovation impressing many representatives of governments and institutions in the UAE and the world. And the idea of this innovation on the integration of techniques to block the Chi and analyze big data and artificial intelligence with various channels of interaction and communication digital in order to collect and integrate and analyze customer data , such as those in the centers of save data, and call centers, email, social media, websites, and chat. These data and accurately about the reactions and the experiences and the opinions and behaviors of customers and citizens to turn the institutions of access to the output value reflects the level of customer satisfaction efficiently and accurately without the need for direct contact with them, and stimulate the ability of the institution to meet their requirements and respond to their needs proactively.

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