Create an account on Yahoo Mail in simple and easy steps

Company is Yahoo, which was founded in 1997, is one of the leading companies which provided e-mail services ever with more than 225 million users. Despite the acquisition, Google ‘s share of the e-mail accounts active currently however, the company still offers its services free as it was. In this article we learn how to account for YAHOO mail steps detailed on the page.

Work account on Yahoo mail services and images:

The first step:

Go to the Yahoo page major including choose Mail. Or go to this link directly. Then instead of login click on Sign Up Create a new account.

كيفية عمل إيميل ياهو بخطوات بسيطة وسهلة

The second step:

After clicking on the button to create a new account you will see a screen that will put the basic data of your account your e-mail as follows:

First name (First Name): your first name alone, without your father’s name.

Last name (Last Name): it is your father’s name or family name.

E-mail address (Email Address): Your e-mail address and cannot be changed in the future, so choose it carefully.

Password (Password): a password that will provide access to the account through them, make it complex and keep it is your email address.

Your phone number (Phone Number): type your phone number without the country code.

Date of birth: type the Year, Month and day of your birth, and do not write the wrong data.

Sex (Gender): are you male or female, and you have the option not to answer and leave this field.

كيفية عمل إيميل ياهو بخطوات بسيطة وسهلة

The second step:

When you press Continue After you put your data you will be asked to confirm your account by sending a message to the phone. You agree that by clicking on the Text me an account key.

كيفية عمل إيميل ياهو بخطوات بسيطة وسهلة

The fourth step:

A message will be sent out a number on the phone number that you entered in the first screen. Put this number in the field that will appear you then click Verify to confirm you own the number.

كيفية عمل إيميل ياهو بخطوات بسيطة وسهلة

The fifth step:

After confirmation of your number in seconds you’ll see a button with the word Continue, or continuation of the press have thus established your Yahoo account in a matter of minutes.

كيفية عمل إيميل ياهو بخطوات بسيطة وسهلة

Features and Facts You Should Know About account, Yahoo mail your

– Account Yahoo Mail supports emails storage up to 1 terabyte of free storage

– The largest file that can be raised in a message has a size of 25 MB maximum

– Says the account automatically prevent spam

– There are special applications is to use Mail on the Android and iOS your

– If you don’t open your account for a year will be closed automatically

Remain e-mail content is relevant no matter what increased media apps messaging live apps social networking features and various duties. Among the services of the e-mail is not countable is available relating to the companies Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, the more the number of users accounts, e-mail services Gmail and Hotmail (now under the umbrella of Outlook) and Yahoo Mail.

Although Google have huge numbers of users already making it the first however, this does not mean completely ignoring the other services. Indeed when it comes to productivity service Gmail is the best among other services thanks to the larger back of the additional services that have helped Google to sweep everyone.

But at the same time when considering to use the services of Hotmail or outlook so that there are a number of advantages that may attract you and may make some prefer this service. In this article, we are preferring the advantages and disadvantages for each of the services of the famous Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

What does the Hotmail account for you? Why would you make a new email on the outlook for?

هوتميل أم ياهو أم جيميل.. أيهم الاختيار الأفضل؟

When you use Hotmail accounts or account outlook in general, maybe the first advantages that will be offered to you is the design clean himself. The interface design of the service Part E-mail from outlook is simple and help you to complete your tasks quickly without a lot of noise that appears on the screen. In addition, when you delete or move the message or mark them so these tasks as quickly as possible where this feature displays the name of Instant Actions and it is definitely one of the best of what has been presented for this service.

One of the great benefits when owning a Hotmail account too, which probably make other use it is the possibility to recover messages after the scan. This feature definitely will come the day you do you even if the survey was deliberately may feel later for and a desire to restore the message that you erase it, and Microsoft doesn’t want you to be sad.

Among the possible small and important email accounts from outlook both Hotmail or other it is possible that you ban people easily, this feature was exclusive here before you Google taken just a few days ago. Also there is a feature that make you able to arrange the messages by file size which is an important feature to manage the cloud space allocated to you to save your messages.

One of the nurses also big for the email service from Microsoft is that they support the platform to communicate very well, whether Facebook or Twitter or link if. Very quick easy can you get your Facebook account e-mail account and start conversations from there.

Disadvantages of e-mail service Hotmail (outlook now)

هوتميل أم ياهو أم جيميل.. أيهم الاختيار الأفضل؟

When talking about the disadvantages of service email it is possible to mention that the labeling on the letters and assessment is not in the best shape possible as that service does not support transfer your emails from other accounts easily allows the transfer of 60 account only at a time which is completely impractical. Also there is no account for this service on iOS so if you are the owner of my iPhone their use will not be the best idea for you.

What does the Gmail account to you, and why do e-mail Gmail new?

هوتميل أم ياهو أم جيميل.. أيهم الاختيار الأفضل؟

There are lots and lots of features that make email service from Google is the best among the other services, when you talk about the format of your Messages service Gmail gives you more than one way, whether by folders or tagging. Also allows you to search service accurately in your account inside of all the letters or inside the letters given to come the exact results in seconds.

Also when you send a message through Gmail you can put a file size of 10 GB, thanks to the service Google Drive that provides you storage space free 15 GB for your messages or files that refuse her of any kind.

With the support of this service to enter your old messages and use your email from outside, it also supports sending a message from one of your other accounts with the full support of the advantages chat by audio or video, making its services fully integrated to accomplish your work best.

Can not talk also asked to offer this service, not to mention other services that allow you the advantages of a stronger integrated with each other. Find a file with a database you don’t have to only go to Google Sheets and accomplish your work fast the cloud and send it via email in seconds. Google services including Google Docs , Google Sheets, Google Drive and Google Photos, Google Maps and others.

Disadvantages of the email service Gmail from Google

هوتميل أم ياهو أم جيميل.. أيهم الاختيار الأفضل؟

Despite of the advantages of Gmail that are still far from being without flaws, although the interface is simple and good but it is boring and not in the best shape possible, even after the recent amendment. Also this service is not light any way so that every time you load the site, feel the weight of it on your browser more often appear in the interface you probably don’t need to download them with every time you open the account to read a new message.

Add to that the service is so far not offered the best experience in writing letters how to reply to messages through Gmail is very annoying. Also unlike the service of outlook I said You Can here restore a message after the scan.

The advantages and disadvantages of service YAHOO MAIL … do you have email Yahoo?

هوتميل أم ياهو أم جيميل.. أيهم الاختيار الأفضل؟

If you think that there is a reason you have an account with YAHOO mail without any other account you may have to review it. Certainly you have the freedom to create an account for this service, but if you are looking for the advantages of service excellence in this comparison unfortunately we don’t know. As for flaws, there’s a lot than can be mentioned, but no point in mentioning flaws without having the advantages.

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