Created a self-healing skin of liquid metal

Sometimes the scientific world makes you think here over what: creators of fiction are so insightful that predict the emergence of any new technology or scientists inspired by science fiction, to move science forward. Released over 20 years ago the movie “Terminator 2” showed us the T-1000, a robot of liquid metal, and since there were many developments in this area. And recently, researchers even closer the creation of such a mechanism, presenting the material, able to restore damaged parts without affecting the functionality of the device.

The comparison with the T-1000 is shown not to be witty. The fact that the new material, as the scientists themselves, “electronic skin”, consists of liquid metal that is placed on a rubber-like material. This allows the structure to bend, stretch and otherwise change its shape without affecting the operation of electronic circuits. Moreover, if the damage of external metal structures of liquid metal “leaves” out and restores the structure, replacing missing parts. Even after severe mechanical damage to “electronic skin” continues to operate and can fully recover its form and structure.

The authors work of Eric Marwick and Michael Barrett hope that the created material will give the opportunity to design new types of robotic mechanisms that can repair themselves in case of injury. In addition, such material will increase the life of the components and reduce the maintenance costs. In addition, the “electronic skin” can find application in the creation of wearable devices and prostheses, and are resistant to aggressive environmental conditions.

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