Created a tattoo that can recognize cancer

To tattoos can be treated in different ways. Some believe they are one of the forms of modern art, and someone absolutely unacceptable attribute of expression. But scientists have been testing a temporary tattoo to detect glucose level in blood, alcohol and even control a smartphone. But doctors from Switzerland recently unveiled a tattoo that can detect cancer.

According to scientists, published in Science Translational Medicine, the basic principle of a tattoo is based on measuring the level of calcium in the blood. Hypercalcemia (increased calcium level) is often associated with the development of the cancer process. Therefore, when the level of calcium in the blood rises, the tattoo begins to darken. The “pattern” consists of a layer of special cells that change their structure and color under the influence of calcium. Development been tested on mice, and 9 out of 10 cases it showed the correct result.

During a series of laboratory experiments, scientists have measured the dynamics of the production of melanin at different concentrations of calcium ions. Managed to establish, that the tattoo was visible, it takes several weeks in which the concentration of calcium ions will remain elevated. Of course, this result is far from ideal, and besides, not always with the cancer process at an early stage the level of calcium is consistently high for such a long time. But scientists note that their implementation is just a prototype technology.

“In the future the tattoo will help people to monitor your health. However, a tattoo for the diagnosis at the moment is not without its weaknesses. For example, his “shelf life” is about a year, after which a tattoo will need to be updated”.

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