Created artificial pork. Another win for the food industry

Over the past few days the news of the creation of a kind of artificial meat are just an endless stream. We have very recently told you about the success of the companies producing artificial beef and chicken. And now it’s time to tell about that company from Russia developed a technology to produce artificial pork. While they use a very interesting set of components.

Who invented artificial pork

At that time, as Western companies are focused on creation of analogues of beef and chicken, located in Malaysia Phuture Foods has been developing technology for the production of artificial pork. It is not surprising, because in the Asian region pork is the most popular in cooking. It is not surprising that there appeared the first startup that began receiving analogue pork from plant material.

How to create artificial pork

The technology of production in Phuture Foods yet to make the public give up, but company representatives said that to simulate the taste and texture of pork used mainly wheat, shiitake mushrooms and beans varieties mung. Wheat and mushrooms act as a kind of “skeleton” of meat products, while beans are sources of protein and give artificial meat texture similar to real pork.

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Why produce artificial pork

The main purpose of Phuture Foods is not only caring for animals but also the ecological problem. Due to the increased intake of meat products, the volume of pollutants from farms and factories for the production of pork has increased several times.

Where to buy artificial pork

The new product, according to the Phuture Foods, should be comparable in price to regular meat pigs. But in order to interest the end user, artificial pork should be much cheaper than usual. Because in the end buyers “vote with their pocketbooks”, and at the same price POTREBITEL always choose the natural product.

Exit to the Asian market to be held in the coming months. As test sites selected Hong Kong and Singapore. At the same time in Phuture Foods say with 100% vegetable origin, artificial pork can use as a vegetarians and those who don’t eat it for religious reasons.

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