Created phone for frogs. But why is it needed?

With the advent of mobile phones and especially smartphones our life has become much easier. Think about it, because now, to find out where the person is and how he’s doing, no need to send the letter or ask his friends — you can just give him a call. Mobile devices facilitate the search of information and gave access to all the knowledge of the world and all it’s just fine if to use smartphones in moderation. But did you know that mobile communications are also helping scientists monitor the state of nature? Recently, Australian scientists have developed a so-called “FrogPhone”, which you can call and hear the croaking of frogs in almost any point of our planet, which has this phone. But why is this even necessary?

Kermit the frog — one of the characters in the American TV show “the muppet Show”

The fact that the frequency of frog croaking helps scientists to know how favorable the conditions of life in a particular locality. If frogs actively make sounds, it shows them on good terms, but if no sounds there — then something happened. Developed by Australian researchers “FrogPhone” constantly available for the call and accepts the call automatically after three seconds. Making a call, researchers can easily record sounds of the environment in high quality, because data is transmitted via high-speed 4G network. About the new told publishing Technology Networks.

The creators of the device with his invention

As the scientists watched nature?

Thanks to this invention, researchers no longer need to install the swamps and forests of the recorders and cameras that record the data on the internal storage. Before after installation of equipment to employees of organizations for the protection of nature had their own to return to the recording device and take the storage card. Moreover, sometimes the entry was necessary to control and at night.

Perhaps new technology will allow to monitor large mammals

In addition to recording ambient sounds, waterproof phone for tracking the nature is able to collect data about temperature of air and water. These data are sent after a call to scientists in the form of SMS messages. To power the device use battery with large capacity which day is charged from solar energy. That is, the phone hardly needs any maintenance- its main to firmly secure the reach of Pets.

High technology is also used for monitoring the movement of sharks

The cost of the phone “FrogPhone” is about 30 000 rubles, for scientific equipment is very cheap. However, it does have some big disadvantages that scientists need to correct. First, the phone only works in areas where 4G or even 3G Internet. To solve this problem by equipping the new technology of satellite communications. Also the microphone is able to detect sounds only within a radius of 100-150 meters, but this disadvantage can also be eliminated by installing directed in different directions a few microphones.

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Laboratory studies have shown that recording in the field work are almost the same quality as when recording in the laboratory. At the moment the phone is set in several ponds of the Australian city of Canberra.

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