Created the stealth technology that allows objects to reflect light

In recent years, the technology of invisibility has become a growing interest among the scientific community. There are many theories and even prototypes in the creation of invisible materials. But, as reported by the editorial Board EurikAlert, a group of researchers from the University of Extremadura (Spain) recently demonstrated the technology of electromagnetic cloaking of objects, based on the refractive properties of some substances.

Now the main existing technologies for the creation of invisibility based on the fact that the object must be covered by a special substance. Spanish scientists propose initially to add in the parts and materials required designs of special additives.

“Most of the methods which are being developed “invisibility cloaks” use special properties of some materials that allows light to bend around an object, making it invisible. We used another technique, called a plasma cloak that makes invisible not only covers the material but also the object itself. The effect of electromagnetic invisibility is achieved by filling the structures with special materials with high dielectric and magnetic properties.” — said one of the authors Professor Alberto Serna.

The image of the interaction of light with hollow silicon sphere (A) and with the same scope, but filled with a three-layer substance to give invisibility (In)

Thus, the new method allows to achieve invisibility of the object without the use of any external influences. In addition, the invisibility of the fillers allows the object to interact with its environment without interference from external masking. At the moment the technique is applicable only for small objects, but the authors believe that in the future can it can be improved in order to apply to more massive structures.

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