Created the world’s largest electric airplane for passengers

From 17 to 23 June is being celebrated in France air show Le Bourget, in the course of which the aircraft manufacturers from different countries to show off their new aviation technologies. This year special attention is electric aircraft, which can carry passengers for short distances with zero emissions into the atmosphere. Stood out: an Israeli company Eviation, which introduced the world’s largest all-electric aircraft, Alice nine seats for passengers.

It is expected that the aircraft will serve the short flight length of over 1,600 kilometers of electric vehicles for this kind of work better than conventional planes. The novelty is equipped by three Siemens electric motors with a capacity of 260 kilowatts, and pushing the propellers will be located on the tail and wings.

The largest aircraft motor

The length of the plane is 12.2 meters, and the weight is about 3800 pounds, with about 60% of this weight falls on the batteries. With all this design with a 16-foot wingspan will be able to rise to a height of 700 meters and reach a speed of 444 miles per hour. Since the inside of the aircraft is not continuously consumed liquid fuel, the design does not lose its mass, and is better sticking with his route.

The manufacturer wants to achieve the reduction of cost of flight. The company, thanks to a fully electric aircraft, they can carry passengers for $ 200 per hour. This amount is only 20% share of the cost of the flight on a normal plane with turboprop engine.

At the air show, the company showed only the design plane but the first flight is planned to take place in 2019. The plan of the company, the new product will be certified in 2021, and a year later after this event it can be sent to airports to perform regional flights.

The largest hybrid aircraft

Have Eviation Alice is already a strong competitor in the face of hybrid passenger plane Ampaire 337. However, in contrast to created from scratch by the Israeli apparatus, it is based on a six-seater Cessna 337 Skymaster and comes with both electric motor and internal combustion engine. He’s already made his first flight and almost ready for commercial use. Read about hybrid aircraft in our material.

Hybrid aircraft Ampaire 337

What do you think, will electric planes to fly long distances in the future? Or humanity has a better alternative? Your opinion can be share in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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