Created ultra-slim solar panels that can be fastened on the clothes

Do you have many gadgets that you always carry with you? Certainly in addition to smartphone most have at least a fitness bracelet or smart watch, tablet and anything else. Every this device needs to be recharged, which makes the device not so mobile. But, agree, it would be great if we just put the smartphone in your pocket and it would start charging. In the future this is possible thanks to a group of scientists from Tokyo who has created the most subtle and at the same time flexible solar panels.

Development of Japanese scientists from the Riken-Toray Industries Inc. represents the normal solar panels, except for the fact that their thickness is 3 microns, they quietly tolerate tension and compression, can easily be mounted on fabric and any other surface, and can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. The energy conversion efficiency is approximately 10%, which is much higher than any similar devices available on the market. According to one of the authors of the project Takao Somiya, their solar panels have the lowest cost, and the developers expect “a high demand for this technology.”

In addition to creating “chargers clothes”, the batteries can be used for other needs. For example, to build the tent that will provide users of electricity in nature away from civilization. Despite a pretty good performance, the device is still at a very early stage of development and does have limitations. For example, the battery quickly dissolved under the influence of water and oxygen, but the Japanese engineers plan to deal with this problem within the next couple of years.

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