Creator Android bought mail for artificial intelligence

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It is an opinion about the new acquisitions is Essential expressed in the Network. Additionally, it is noted that the opening season of new technological exhibition CES 2019 founded by the Creator of Android the company will acquaint the public with “game-changing” phone that will be significantly different from all currently known smart mobile devices. And, above all, he doesn’t need a large screen, typical of many modern smartphones and which is not only a display for displaying content, but also the primary means of user interaction with their device.

As reported in the article by Alan Friedman (Alan Friedman) published by with reference to, Essential carried out the acquisition. Founded by the Creator of Android Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) Essential acquired Cloud Magic, which developed e-mail application, Mail Newton. The development of the premium application, which had 40 thousand users on a paid basis, was discontinued in September of the current year.

Essential acquired Cloud Magic. It is believed that for the phone that the company will present at CES 2019

It is not excluded that Cloud Magic was not easy to compete with free e-mail services like Gmail and Outlook. To date, neither the amount for which purchased Cloud Magic, nor the role that it will play in future plans Essential.

In may of this year it was reportedthat Essential stopped working on its second smartphone to focus on the smart column Essential Home. However, this project is frozen.

The most recent message about the company touched its ongoing work on controlled artificial intelligence phone with a small screen. This device will be controlled by voice commands, provide automatic replies to text messages and email. With the help of yet not introduced a smartphone, of course, can be done and phone calls.

Essential features of 300 million U.S. dollars investment, which will help it to manufacture a unique smartphone. It is expected that the novelty will see the light in January next year, 2019 at CES in Las Vegas. It is possible that the acquisition of Cloud Magic will help Essential to expand the capabilities of its upcoming phone based on artificial intelligence.

To discuss in a Telegram chat with readers and the upcoming smart phone from Essential and other devices, which will debut at CES 2019.

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