Criticism match Apple because of their compliance to Chinese censorship of

The company is facing Apple backlash from politicians in the United States due to its compliance with the control of China, where he criticized members of Congress are Apple TV because of censorship on music to please China after that were deleted recently many singers Hong Kong service Apple TV Music Apple Music in China.

Said Senator Marco Rubio Marco Rubio: “it’s a shame to see one of the most US technology companies innovative and influential to support the efforts of the strict control exerted by the Chinese Communist government within China in the shadow we approach the thirtieth anniversary of the massacre of Tiananmen Square”.

And Rubio the Chinese government as a system structure of a totalitarian state through surveillance, mass censorship and violations of human rights, refers to how Apple has turned a blind eye to it for its access to the Chinese market.

Issued singer Jacky Cheung Jacky Cheung, a song written by James Wong James Wong, who confirmed that the lyrics of the song refer to the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, with the song “Method Man” the words represent a direct reference to the bloodshed that happened on the Fourth of June 1989.

Noted users of the internet over the weekend that the song Cheung has been deleted from the Apple Music service in China.

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Warned Congresswoman Cathy Rodgers, Cathy Rodgers Apple that she didn’t seize the opportunity to be a stronger voice for freedom around the world, has also re-tweet the comments of the executive director in a range of human rights reminds of the victims of communist regimes.

Said Kathy: “this is just another example of technology company American choose to be complicit with a totalitarian state is the Super-technology of the Chinese Communist Party”.

As explained by Senator Greg Walden Greg Walden that it’s dangerous, saying in a statement: “when there are reports like this, we need to ask serious questions to ensure the protection of human rights, and if these reports are true, the Apple center to the public clearly explaining”.

Previously, the company imposed control on emoji for Taiwan to appease China, which stresses that Taiwan is part of China, and that bug led to the collapse of the iPhone when users receive texts contain emoji icon for Taiwan.

Led the expansion of Apple’s retail operations in China to the growth of their relationship is increasingly with the government there, and the transfer of the company in the last year its users ‘ data to Chinese local companies in southern China, a company GCBD, which has close ties with the Communist Chinese.

Added lawyers Apple item in the terms of Service Chinese gives GCBD Apple TV access to all user data, in a move that led to the concern of the monitoring bodies of human rights, where the description of the other Apple that it has sold itself entirely to the Chinese government.

It is noteworthy to know Apple TV previously criticized by American politicians because of their relationship with China, where he criticized Senator Marco Rubio, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, in 2017 because of the relationship Apple TV reckless with China.

In criticizing Senator, two Ted Cruz Trd Cruz and Patrick Leahy Patrick Leahy company to remove the VPN apps from the app store of China, which is a service that will help users through the firewall of China.

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