Criticizing the Youtube app Kids due to his presentation of the movie studios plots for children


We’ve heard that youtube plans to bring more of the staff of humans to the platform, where instead of relying on the methods of design, will give these supervisors the humans to monitor the content that offend the rules of use imposed by the company on the content creators. However, it seems that youtube definitely need to escalate things, at least according to a new report released recently from the website Business Insider.

According to the report, it seems that the Youtube app Kids who are supposed to be safe knows the videos about plots for children. In case you haven’t heard about the Youtube Kids before, it is an application that is designed by youtube only displays content appropriate for children, this means that it should not be for this app to also view the video on the plots for children.

Cite site Business Insider with an example where you must lead the search for ” UFO ” to the results of suitable for kids, such as video clips about games flying saucers, animation, etc. However, the best video clip is displayed as a depiction of the health of bird shooting on the city, along with many videos published by UPS conspiracy theory. Given the vulnerability of children, it is clear that this is a bad idea. In case you haven’t heard about the city before, it is cloud white spread in the sky like fonts condensed its aircraft , but the consequences of the chemicals or two and the water vapor. Sprinkle this gas deliberately on the height of the high, there have been increasing doubts about the purpose of using it which is the purpose of a secret shrouded in mystery, as it is used in secret programs led by government officials.

I’ve realized YouTube this error in a statement in which it stated, saying : ” the application Youtube Kids is home to a variety of content that includes videos, a rich and entertaining for families. It is checked that the content using systems trained by humans. However, no system is perfect and sometimes we miss work the full. When we do, we take immediate action to prevent the video clips or to prevent the appearance of channels in the app when necessary. We will continue to work on improving the experience of the application Youtube Kids “.

So if there was ever a time to begin to bring more of the staff of humans oversee control of the content on YouTube, you’ll be this is the time to do it.



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