“Cryptococal of wall street”: cryptocurrencies will rise when the state adjusts the market

In may, the Creator of McAfee antivirus, John McAfee questioned the necessity of regulation of the cryptocurrency market. According to experts, the industry needs to develop organically. Otherwise, the government can set the rules of the game in the market, which ultimately will lead to the centralization of virtual money.

Different opinion “cryptococal of wall street,” Bart Smith. According to him, the capitalization of digital money will grow only if the market will come from institutional investors. And without sufficient regulation, this cannot happen. His words leads CCN.

Whether to regulate cryptocurrency — analyst

Owned by Smith Susquehanna International Group experimenting with different options using Bitcoin since 2014. In 2017, the entrepreneur launched a crypto currency exchange, daily trading volume which is according to own data of the company exceeds $ 200 million.

Now cryptosuite has been considerable debate about the need to regulate the market. I think we are talking about normative clarity, which is necessary for joining the industry big players. They won’t invest in uncertainty. Therefore, I adhere to the conservative approach.

Speaking about the future of cryptocurrencies, Smith said they will continue to exist always and will change many common services.

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