Cryptocurrencies brought the criminals to billions. The sad statistics of 2019

Company blockchain security CipherTrace published a report on the results of the fight against money laundering. The staff has calculated how much money the criminals have “earned” on the theft related to cryptocurrency. According to the company, for 2019 direct theft, various fraud tactics and other types of theft in the Internet has brought stock exchanges, investors, and ordinary users loss of $ 4.3 billion.

In the first half of 2019 hackers stole 124 million dollars of the cryptocurrency exchanges, but in General exchanges on the Internet has lost 480 million.

The largest incident, in terms of losses is a scheme PlusToken. Then users and investors deceived by 2.9 billion dollars. Source: Twitter

As for most popular digital currency in the plane of the illegal activity, the cyber criminals generally prefer Bitcoin, although previously reported otherwise. The largest cryptocurrency is often used for the purchase and sale of psychotropic drugs, weapons, and also illegal trade of stolen personal and banking data.

However, it is worth noting that on the darknet — that is kind of illegal the Internet, which uses secure proxy servers and Internet connections, and therefore, tracking users and sites out there is almost impossible — in the course, and other cryptocurrencies, including the Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin.

The study shows that anonymous coins are quite rarely used in the dark markets and the darknet sites. For example, only 4 percent of transactions were carried out for Monero. In 7% of cases, buyers pay Ethereum Classic. And while 76 percent of transactions were carried out on the darknet with bitcoin. As for the malicious scripts and programs-ransomware, the criminals demanded BTC 98 percent of the known cases. At the same time, ETH was interested in intruders, only 1 percent of the cases.

Source: 2Биткоина

If to speak about dynamics of cybercrime in General, the figures are growing rapidly. Recently, the United Nations presented a report according to which for 2019 North Korean hackers took over 2 billions of dollars by hacking banks and cryptocurrency exchanges.

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For example not far to seek. I have personally been the victim of hackers when anonymous Indonesia quietly logged in to my account on the crypto currency exchange HitBTC. If you are interested in reading about this incident in detail, then follow the link.

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