Cryptocurrencies will rise: 41 percent of institucionales ready to invest in ICO in the next 5 years

Staff GBBC interviewed institutional investors and shared some interesting results. 19 percent of them believe that digital assets are regularly traded and attract investment by 2021. The study was conducted in December last year and January this. The company has collected responses 71 institutional investor from all over the world, including private investments, hedge funds and pension funds. According to the survey, growth in the sector digital assets could trigger the market growth ICO, as 16 percent of institucionales willing to invest in this sector over the next three years.

At the same time the largest group — 41 percent of respondents answered the willingness to enter the sector ICO in the next five years. Another 23 percent of investors absolutely do not see the potential in the market ICO. General Director of the GBBC Sandra Ro in a press release stressed that by 2027 cryptocurrencies and digital assets will be not less than 10 percent of global GDP.

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According to Cointelegraph, last month held two of the GBBC survey on the topic of institutional investors. According to the results of one of them, 63 percent of CEOs from the traditional sector of the business showed a complete lack of understanding of the technology of the blockchain.

As shown by another survey GBBC, a significant number of institutional investors — 40 percent — believe the invention of blockchain technology the most important technological innovation since the invention of the Internet.

Recently, the Fund management scriptactive Grayscale Investments submitted its own report for the fourth quarter of 2018. According to him, institutionally take most of the investment in digital assets. They account for approximately 66 percent of all investments in the cryptocurrency. For more details look in cryptodata.

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