Cryptocurrency “best” long-term investors. The experts of the Cambridge Associates

Leading investconsulting firm from the traditional sector, Cambridge Associates believes that institutional investors should consider cryptocurrency as a long term investment. In the language of the crypto community, you need to start “hoglet” the crypt. Cambridge Associates is investconsulting company of Boston, with assets worth more than $ 300 billion. And its experts believe that institutional agencies it is time to look at the cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies can minimize the digital world

According to experts, despite significant perturbations in the prices of cryptocurrencies, they are quite capable of moving digital world. The company recommended to first conduct thorough research and then think about actual investing.

Despite the difficulties, we believe that investors need to study this field today and to build long-term plans. […] Though these investments involve greater risk, they also have huge potential.

And although the last year the stock market shows a serious decline, Cambridge Associates claim that the industry actually develops.

Source: Bloomchain

Of course, a sharp decline in prices raised doubts about the future of these assets and technology of the blockchain. […] However, personally we see here are not fluctuations, and systematic development.

Some focused on the long term agencies have already taken note of this and decided to test the waters. According to a report by Grayscale Investments for Q4 2018, institutions and pension funds invest in cryptocurrency considerable sums. In some cases, the amount of investment reaches 40 million dollars.

A former Manager of a hedge Fund on wall street Mike Novogratz recently saidthat institutional money will flow into the stock market in the next 6-12 months. But first you need to wait for the launch of the custodian of the decisions of trusted players like Fidelity. By the way, just Fidelity has planned to launch its own custodian Bitcoinservice in March of this year. More data look at cryptodata.

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