Cryptocurrency Dash abnormal growth of the transaction. Developers fear a hacker attack

This week in network Dash was was an unusually high surge in the number of transactions. The developers of cryptocurrency there are two versions of what happened. The first — Dash suffered from the attempts of hacker attacks. The second — unknown anonymous developer tried to stress test network coins, that is, to test her strength.

Course Dash dipped to 94 USD over the past few days, during the day, the value of the coin virtually unchanged. The depreciation was not due to the load of the network directly — this week, almost all altcoins have demonstrated negative profitability. It is also caused by the delisting of 23 pairs trading on Poloniex. We wrote about this in Telegram channel.

What happened actually?

The increased activity has led to an increase in confirmation time of transactions and higher commissions. Because the time block each cryptocurrency of their own, so the growth in the number of transactions creates a banal place. So users are forced to pay higher Commission fees if you don’t want to wait long. That such a situation would not recur in the future, the development team decided to release an update that should prevent a potential hacker attack on the network Dash.

Note that using cryptocurrency Dash remittances can be made much faster and cheaper than using Bitcoin. Usually the transaction fee does not exceed one cent, and she performed just a couple of seconds. Such results managed to achieve thanks to masternodewho are engaged in the confirmation of transactions.

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During a sudden burst of activity in network transfer fees suddenly skyrocketed almost 18 times. Due to the high load the chaos began — some masternode stopped working and sometimes preventing other nodes of the network to confirm the transaction. Some blocks of cryptocurrency is mined empty. In other words, even users who have installed a high Commission per transaction, been waiting for her confirmation.

The developers moved quickly to fix the problem. They have released an update version Now the Dash network is protected from spam attacks and “unplanned” stress tests.

We will remind, earlier on the network of Litecoin was also carried out the attack. How did you find the experts of the research Department Binance, for the dust attack on LTC was a Russian mining pool, who allegedly wanted to advertise their services among the holders Aldona. Fortunately, the company has not brought anyone direct harm and has not affected the exchange rate of LTC.

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