Cryptocurrency from Facebook will present in June. What coins will she destroy?

In a network there was a rumor that the cryptocurrency of soshyant with billions of active users will be released in the format stablon. As noted by Max Keiser, under the onslaught of new cryptocurrencies in the first place will suffer Ripple XRP. In his post on Twitter long-time opponent of the establishment of the Kaiser suggests that Globalcoin from Facebook “will eliminate the need for hundreds of altcoins, including XRP”.

According to him, the coming Apocalypse of altcoins. Likely to survive only Bitcoin, because it is the largest cryptocurrency acts more as a store of value, rather than a payment instrument.

By the way, the announcement cryptocurrency to be held in June.

And although not yet even Wallpaper for the project from the Corporation, many would argue that the token will act as a simple to use and stable unit of exchange. It is also not clear whether Globalcoin be used in the banking environment — that is, to do what is doing now the guys from Ripple. There is a chance, because according to recent reports it can be concluded that operators of nod Facebook will have to pay $ 10 million.

According to an ardent supporter of Bitcoin, which also expressed confidence in the growth of the coin to 100 thousand dollars, the collapse of altcoins will only spur the price of the first cryptocurrency even higher. Partly because of BTC “competes with gold, not Fiat”, and investors will tend to keep their money in Bitcoins. Nobody wants to go back to traditional assets, because they are rife with problems of centralization and prone to macroeconomic shocks.

There were those who believe that Globalcoin not only hurt Ripple, but will fail. According to the founder of now defunct Bitinstant Charlie Shrem, Globalcoin “will make Ripple useless”. But at the same time the token will finish first the company that organizes the exchange Globalcoin on Bitcoin.

We remind that the Kaiser was told about the tactics of “bear arms.” We are talking about banks that will compete with Bitcoin by issuing a mass of centralized cryptocurrencies.

In our cryptodata there are still a lot of other useful information.

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