Cryptocurrency is similar to the mafia. Traders complain of dependence on digital money

Could you imagine your life without cryptocurrency, if one invested in it? For most people Bitcoin — the drug does not release them from the day they bought the first coins. Of course, not all Hodler happy. After some of them lost a lot of money on the fall of Bitcoin, they are trying to find ways to forget about digital money and eliminate them from your life. But it’s not easy.

Cryptocurrency is addictive

Five years of my life have been associated with the cryptocurrency, but now I’m gone. Yesterday’s fall was too hard, and I can no longer convince myself that everything will change for the better. Instead of spending the whole day in front of a computer screen and endlessly monitor the situation on the stock exchanges, I want to get a job and chat with friends like a normal member of society.

Such confessions are increasingly present in the cryptocurrency forums and social networks. For many members of the crypto community digital money has become a kind of curse. Buying Bitcoin is akin to joining the mafia gang — it is easy to enter but difficult to exit. Bad investments or simply the greed may become more severe a burden than a stone on the neck.

The company’s research Stash suggests that men more often than women become capturadora — and often fall into the trap of digital money.

“I have just calculated that over the past two months I have lost 76 percent of the funds invested in cryptocurrency. I go,” reads one of the popular Telegram-cryptochiton Rekt Plebs. And it looks like another anonymous message.

Cryptocurrency literally changed my life. It’s about the same what to lose years of his life playing World of Warcraft. Even the remuneration mechanism in each of these classes are identical.

The same opinion is shared by a participant in the discussion of the / biz / poster on Reddit.

I need to get out of this vicious circle of success and failure and make something else. I feel that cryptocurrencies dictate my daily life, as it was with WoW 5-6 years ago, the crypt dictates my daily life. It’s bad and harms my relationships with friends and family. Maybe I just need a break, but at the moment I’m not going back. Crypto — my addiction, now I can definitely say that.

People have a habit to invest in something to the max or not to do this. Cryptocurrency, as all the good things in our life, it is better to use and be interested in. However, this is easier said than done.

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