Cryptocurrency lunch with Warren Buffett for 4.56 million dollars. What are we waiting for?

The current Facebook sign-in cryptoprocessor attracted a lot of attention to the industry, but in fact it overshadows the ten-year innovation process in the field of technology. To dispel any doubts of pessimists, General Director of Tron Justin San shared his success story on the turbulent stock market. In the story the entrepreneur touched upon many topics including the upcoming lunch with Warren Buffett, which will be held on July 25.

San started the story with the priority in its activities.

The main priority is the community. If you look back and analyze the story, then that is what helped the founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee.

He further highlighted the importance of continuous development. According to Sana, the day of cryptocracy is like a year in the field of traditional (Fiat) technology. A young founder of a project that owns one of the largest cryptocurrencies on the market today, also spoke about how important it is to dominate in this space. Even Justin said as he constantly strives to democratize and spread the idea of crypto-currencies.

For example, not so long ago, he bought at auction a lunch with one of the most famous investors Warren Buffett. According to him, he wants to take a moment to organize a sort of open dialogue between kriptosmartfon and institutional investors from the traditional sector.

In addition, he spoke about his desire to gain wisdom and experience from the old-timers on wall street as well as mitigate its biased attitude towards cryptocurrencies. According to the San, a negative opinion partially due to the fact that Buffett over the last 10 years does not interact with Scripturally.

Ten years have passed since the invention of Bitcoin. Now there are many apps that work on the blockchain. And I want to enter it in the course of all events.

Although Sana had to pay for this opportunity 4.56 million dollars, the event could become the next catalyst of growth of the cryptocurrency. Maybe he really will be able to convince a hardened representative of the traditional sector values of the new asset.

In your opinion, is it possible to convince someone like Warren Buffett? And how to react to the prices of cryptocurrencies, if Buffett still recognize the importance of this new phenomenon and the market? Share in our cryptodata of hontarov.

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