Cryptocurrency scammers earned 59 thousand dollars for failure Telegram

Yesterday, the Telegram messenger has not worked for hours. Users complained of crashes, and the founder of applications Pavel Durov commented on the situation on Twitter. Took advantage of cryptocurrency scammers. They went for the classic scheme and earned almost 60 thousand dollars.

Theft of cryptocurrency. Now because of the Telegram

Failures in the work of the messenger was observed in Russia and several European countries, the Middle East and the CIS. Users could not connect to the network and send messages, says RIA.

According to Durov, the failure provoked a planned operation provider European data center. As a result of these actions, the Telegram servers were disconnected.

Under the official message Durov in the Twitter intensified fakes. Records with similar avatars and similar nicknames offered to make amends for failures with the distribution of the ether. It looked like so.

Fraudsters actively laykali tweet, so inexperienced users have led to the deception. The attackers proposed to win up to 5 million coins Ethereum. To participate you have to send from 0.5 to 5 esters.

The wallets of thieves tracked down employees of the company Group-IB, which deals with the prevention and investigation of cybercrime.

The failure of popular messenger Telegram Pavel Durov scammers have used. Just over an hour of work on crypto-wallet advertised a fake account Durov Twitter, fell about 3.5 thousand dollars. The account is still not blocked.

The employees then found the other wallets of the fraudsters. The amount of the stolen funds amounted to $ 59497.

Recall that with tricks like the audience of Twitter is facing is not the first time. The Creator of the site has promised to solve the problem, but while it turns out badly. Instead, he decided to ban advertising of crypto-currencies is a great move. Soon the company will be sued by RAKIB. Russian experts believe the mass opt-out conspiracy.

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