CRYPTOMACH / Abnormal growth of the zcash for the Chinese ranking of cryptocurrencies and investing all the money in Bitcoin

Behind another week. For fans of crypto-currencies it’s the first memorable international Consensus conference in new York. And although the market has not doubled during the event, you can remember and other important events.

Magic card TalkBank Сrypto Visa Bitcoin — SKOLKOVO?

Monday was remembered suspicious of the crypto map from TalkBank. One of the founders shared their product details. Promise course withdrawal with a difference of plus or minus five percent from CoinMarketCap and not talking about the legal part. The project is the resident of SKOLKOVO Innovation center and member of the Foundation for Internet development initiatives. The dark history.

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Zcash for increased by 29 percent. What happened, and who’s next?

The coin showed a decent growth over the weeks. The reason is the announcement of the auction of the coins on Gemini. Also the Winklevoss brothers promise to add Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

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NiceHash is warning owners about the dangers of cryptocurrencies

Staff NiceHash has warned users about the threat. Now the Internet is a whole bunch of fake sites that offer to download the NiceHash miner. Users waiting for a dangerous virus and nothing more.

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies cheaper. What’s next — a version of the experts

Analysts commented on the situation on the market. Noted the increased probability of testing the lows of the previous months and the prospects for possible growth. What happens in the end is unknown.

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Didi Taihuttu I put all my money in Bitcoin. He is not going to buy Lamba and has no plan B

Share your opinion of the Dutchman, who has invested money in buying bitcoins. Didi not only survived the fall of the market in the beginning of the year, but not disappointed in the crypt. Now he writes a book about his experience of investing and cost of living.

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Bitcoin has fallen, what happens next? Version cryptocurrency trader

Lavrov spoke about the reasons for the sagging market, which in particular is associated with psychological marks. If Bitcoin overcame a 10 thousand dollars, it would have been otherwise. The expert predicted a reduction of up to $ 8,000 that will be a good option to buy.

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How many percent of the world electricity spent on mining — the answer scientists

The figure is 0.5 percent — the economist Alex de Vries called it shocking. If the price of cryptocurrencies will continue to grow, will increase the indicator. According to the expert, in this case, the world economy will suffer.

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Mining Scam. As the missing $ 100 million ICO Envion

Team ICO Envion spent and collected $ 100 million. Project essence — development of a mobile container with a mining-farm on the inside. Now money investors hung in the air, because CEO allegedly seized power in the company. The employees sued. If this is true, and see whether the investors the promised dividends — hard to say.

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For what period of time pays off mining. Version of Internet Ombudsman of the Russian Federation

Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev told about the prospects of mining as a business. According to the official, the case pays for itself within 8 to 12 months. The Bitcoin will become stable only after five years.

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What cryptocurrency to buy? The Chinese government has made a rating of the best coins

The Ministry of industry and information technology of China has published its own list of cryptocurrencies. Indicators considered for technological potential, application capability and innovation. First place was taken by the Ethereum. Bitcoin was on the thirteenth line.

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Steve Wozniak: Ethereum will be the second Apple

Co-founder of Apple well said about Ethereum. The entrepreneur believes cryptocurrency is promising and predicts she is a huge influence in the world. The purse Wozniak holds bitcoin and three coins of the ether.

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