CRYPTOMACH / Bitcoin at 250 thousand, the Board of cryptomelane, mining farm instead of marijuana and forecast to 2019

Week for the cryptocurrency market was calm. Bitcoin recorded a level of $ 3,600, while the capitalization of the niche was in the area of $ 120 billion with small changes. Can’t say that about the news. For seven days the main coin predicted the price of 250 thousand dollars, the number of Uncle blocks in the network Ethereum dipped significantly, as traders covered short positions. There were other big news. Deal with the most important and summarize.

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Expert: Bitcoin will rise to 250 thousand dollars

The week started positively. One of the first cryptocurrency investors mark Jeffrey shared his thoughts about the next bullrun the market. In his opinion, Bitcoin will be able to jump to the level of 250 thousand dollars, even despite the current bearish trend. I would like to see it with my own eyes.

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Analyst: Bitcoin has already found its bottom. To halving — only growth

Indirect confirmation of this theory was voiced by the trader under the name Filb Filb. He believes that the bottom of the Bitcoin passed in mid-December last year. Tomorrow the coin needs to start climbing and reach at least 10 thousand dollars by may 2020. This forecast is not crazy, but also enjoyable.

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The number of Uncle blocks in the network Ethereum fell by 90 percent. What does it mean?

Network Ethereum continues to impress — recently, the daily volume of compensation has fallen to historic lows. After pleased with the number of Uncle blocks. They are now much less than before.

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Cryptomelane advises to buy Bitcoin, no HYIP

It seems that the rich want to hasten bullrun. For example, the Chinese trader Zhao Dong sees in the current situation, the best conditions for the purchase of bitcoins. But mass cryptolibrary will start after the breakout of BTC 10 thousand dollars.

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Traders massively close their short positions on Bitcoin. The drop stopped?

Known sorcery covered short positions, which were launched at the peak of the Bitcoin exchange rate in 20 thousand dollars. They have well earned. Looks like bearish trend is really coming to an end.

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What is ProgPoW? Why and what algorithm will kill ASIC miners and rescue card

Understand the theme of the algorithm ProgPoW. He makes ASIC miners are less efficient and dangerous for decentralized networks. Besides, I do not have to be nervous and owners of GPU rigs.

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Why we support ProgPoW. Response 2Miners

Network protection Ethereum maintains a pool 2Miners. Reasons inside. By the way, there are also settings to test the algorithm. Digging coins right now.

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MyEtherWallet got a new interface. Details of update V5 MEW

The developers MEW or MyEtherWallet pleased steep upgrade. Changed the design, started to work with Changelly, integrated SafeSend. To buy ETH using your Bank card inside the wallet.

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No grass: the police messed up a mining farm with the box for growing marijuana

The most embarrassing news of the week. Police of the Australian city of Adelaide noticed a house with big bills and an unusual ventilation system. In the end, came to the conclusion — there are pot farmers. The squad broke in, but found only mining farm.

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Still, he scales: the network of Bitcoin got the biggest block in history

13 February was not just a day of buying gifts at the last moment, but the largest production unit in the network of Bitcoin. It is about 1.3 megabytes. The performance of the first cryptocurrencies improving.

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What awaits us in 2019? The influential Chinese captainvalor

Cryptocurrency investors from China shared his vision of the near future for the coin market. One and all predict the growth, only the scale is different. The most ambitious course — 50 thousand dollars per BTC.

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Keep my fingers crossed: Bitcoin is preparing to break the next resistance

Technical analysis charts often allows to predict the situation with cryptocurrency. At the moment, Bitcoin is closer to the upper end of the channel, where the local resistance. Hope to jump.

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The first Bitcoin ETF could be approved for 45 days. Consideration started

Approval of a Bitcoin ETF may become one of the main catalysts for the development of niche and new investors. The next decision of the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA will announce to one and a half months.

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