CRYPTOMACH / Bitcoin for a million dollars a year and a half, cryptocurrency Baterina and compliments Elon musk

Today is the last Sunday of winter, so the next issue of Cryptogamia will be released in the spring. This week she was starting to smell — especially in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin finally broke through the level of $ 4,000, and yesterday and all jumped over the mark of 4100. However, over the last seven days he promised growth to a million. Good news also contributed to Elon Musk, the head of the Three Arrow Capital and the founder of Ethereum. Deal of the week read more.

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Why Ethereum will be a challenging year. The response of the founder Tomochain

Founder TomoChain shared criticism Vitalik Buterin. According to him, the ideological leader of the Ethereum no right to call other coins are garbage. Besides the year for acne will be difficult. As well as for its offspring.

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Regular cleaning on Binance. What cryptocurrencies suffered in this time?

Representatives Binance told about the delisting of another portion of altcoins. They were the CLOAK, MOD, SALT, SUB and WINGS. The reason is very funny. For example, the head of the Substratum bought a bunch of junk on 400 thousand dollars, while the coin was falling down.

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Tips holleran. How to determine the beginning of the uptrend?

Trace Mayer has developed an indicator to predict the next bull trend Bitcoin. Meyer’s multiplier is calculated by dividing the market price of Bitcoin on the indicator moving average 200 MA scale 1-day chart. The result can mean three scenarios.

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Green Feb Bitcoin: now, investors are much more reasons to be bullish

Indicators of Bitcoin and the situation around it please. The inhabitants of distant countries are buying coins more than ever, Lightning Network is growing rapidly, and Bakkt and Fidelity are preparing to play a card. The following bullrun will obviously be interesting.

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Bitcoin reached $ 4,000. Bullrun started?

Earlier in the week, Bitcoin jumps to $ 4010, and then fell back to $ 3982. The situation looked positive that proved the technical analysis. Success guarantees the breakout of the resistance level.

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Acne Buterin talked about their investment and all sources of income

The founder of Ethereum shared details about your cryptocurrency portfolio. It turns out that he holds Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Dogecoin, zcash for and a couple other coins. While his wallet was 350003 ETH or equivalent of 51.65 million dollars.

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Elon Musk: Bitcoin is a great alternative to Fiat

Creator of Tesla and SpaceX spoke about the benefits of cryptocurrencies. According to Elon musk, they deal with transmission values much better than “pieces of paper”. By the way, not week Elon also participated in the review memes and heartily laughed at the “dead Dolphin”.

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Expert: growth of Bitcoin to 10 thousand dollars is all

CEO of Three Arrow Capital sees no reason for frustration because of the protracted bearish trend. Su Zhu remembered about billions of dollars in the niche cryptocurrency, which while just lying idle. Most interesting is that they will be enough to raise the rate to 10 thousand dollars.

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The daily trading volume of Bitcoin has broken the annual record. Morale is restored?

The volume of transactions, Bitcoin has shown drastic results. The figure exceeded 10 billion and reached the level that was not very long ago. According to experts, this once again proves the maturity of the cryptocurrency market.

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A trader who has shorted the Ethereum at $ 700, does not believe in the growth of cryptocurrencies

Alex’s team Canneberge of Tetras Capital has shorted the Ethereum at the level of 700 dollars. In the end, it became their most successful deal in 2018. By the way, Alex himself does not consider that Bitcoin has bottomed. To determine this very difficult.

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By the end of the year Bitcoin will rise to $ 5,000, and then to a million. An expert forecast

Jesse Lund from IBM shared his thoughts about the future of Bitcoin. According to his forecast, the coin is expected to grow to a million dollars. While bullrun will begin with $ 5,000, which will overcome BTC by year-end.

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When the Bitcoin price will rise up to a million dollars? Exact date from John McAfee

John McAfee decided to take a chance and confirmed his forecast on Bitcoin for a million dollars. The owner has also named a date closer to where it will happen. If you have stocks of BTC, you can count on Lamba already by 31 December 2020.

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