CRYPTOMACH / Bitcoin to $ 1,800, the end of the bearish trend, pump at 4760 per cent and the market forecast for February

February is slowly approaching its middle, and along with it comes cryptobiina. Friday niche pleased with the significant growth that has led analysts to talk about the end of the bear market. During the week there were some other interesting developments: representatives from Ethereum postponed integration ProgPoW, coin Steven Seagal showed 47 x, a Trustee of the Mt.Gox sort of leaked another batch of BTC. Remember the most important thing.

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The developers of Ethereum postponed the decision to integrate the algorithm ProgPoW. What’s wrong?

The algorithm ProgPoW should reduce the advantage of ASIC-miners, in comparison with the graphics cards. The members of the team Ethereum is not in a hurry to implement it. At this time, the staff expressed the desire to wait for an independent audit.

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Expert: cuts in rewards per block Bitcoin and Ethereum will lead to the growth of the stock market

Halving leading coins awaits every fan of cryptocurrencies. Usually cuts the reward for a block was the reason for the increase in their value. Perhaps after may 2020, the situation will repeat.

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When they finally end the bearish trend? The opinion of a trader who made 200 million per month

Trader under the name 200M_trader managed cool to build cryptocurrency portfolio, and did it for a month. After that, he is regarded as an authoritative representative of the niche and advises to count the days until the approaching halving.

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As mine ZelCash? The profitability of mining ZEL, setting up the miner and the main features of the coin

Dealt with the production ZelCash. Within the article — links to download wallets and miners, settings, and calculations of profitability. The coin deserves attention, so please read.

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Sold another batch of bitcoins with Mt.Gox. Why is that bad?

Sources said about another draining of reserves cryptocurrency with Mt.Gox. This time the amount was equivalent to 318 million dollars. Most interesting is that the transaction took place through the exchange of BitPoint. So no “special method” of realization that you’ve talked about Nobuaki Kobayashi, it seems like not smell.

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Expert: one who’s not buying Bitcoins, nothing about the crypt

Cryptomnesia Alistair Milne stresses the importance of the current bearish trend. In his opinion, current conditions are the best to buy cryptocurrency, but the real investors will stock up on coins for at least 3 months.

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Destroy kryptonite: solo-pool mining is useless, its better than nod

Has released a series of revelations of cryptomite. This time spoke about the importance of solo-pools, which in the end be more profitable to your node. The advantages of the former include dedicated servers, high speed Internet, redundant nodes, fine tuning and more.

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The cryptanalyst: wouldn’t surprise me one Bitcoin and Ethereum 1800 $ 50

No bearish predictions haven’t happened. User under the name Crypto The Dog considers the likely fall of Bitcoin up to $ 1,800, while Ethereum could fall to 50. I hope that even in this case, after the subsidence will follow bullrun.

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New PAMP: cryptocurrency Steven Seagal increased by 4760 percent in just a week

Cryptocurrency Bitcoiin (B2G), a powerful pampola. For a week the rate of coins increased by 4760 per cent, with the trading volume has reached $ 2 million. The exchange used a little-known, so in a miracle hard to believe. Most likely, the project can be considered dead.

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The end of the story: hackers sold the last inventory of the stolen coins from Cryptopia

Hopes for a speedy return Cryptopia virtually no. Hackers were able to withdraw from the site a huge amount, about U.S. $ 16.1 million. By the way, the second most popular exchange for the plum of the stolen coins was Binance.

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ASIC miners made it to Monero. Hasrat network has increased dramatically two times

Network Monero became more powerful twice in the last month, so analysts said it is reasonable to think about the connection of new ASIC miners. Evidence of their presence there. Most likely, developers will again have to hardforce.

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What altcoins will increase in February? Analysts forecast

The experts shared their opinion on the most promising coins this month. You should look in the direction of Tron, Cardano and XRP. The latter should grow at least 8 percent.

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Will have to wait: Ethereum will drop to $ 90 before the Grand growth

Kryptonim slowly ends. Moreover, its final end will be violent. According to the trader DonAlt, Ethereum at the end of the bearish trend will drop to $ 90. Shortly thereafter, the local uptrend will push it to level 200.

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Will growth: why rejoice in yesterday’s Pampa Bitcoin is too early?

Friday Bitcoin cool jumped, but remember. yet. For the gradual upward movement need to form a good support level. Otherwise, the rate of BTC will slide down to the previous figures.

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