CRYPTOMACH / Buy bitcoins with 45 $ 14, the problem of miners in China and a prophecy for Ethereum

Behind another week. The whole cryptocurrency market it was smooth, although curious situations, too, lacked. For example, because of a bug Amazon Web Services lucky bought 45 BTC for a penny, and earned about 460 thousand dollars — isn’t it cool? In addition, experts predicted a bleak future for Ethereum and offered to destroy the coins of Satoshi Nakamoto. Remember the main thing.

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Start Bakkt may not help Bitcoin, and even aggravate the situation

The Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC) of the USA approved Bitcoin futures. Trade will the platform Bakkt network based exchanges Intercontinental Exchange, whose launch will take place on September 23. Event joyful, but the result can be negative. Experts admit serious manipulation on the cryptocurrency market after running the tool.

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Bitcoin will surely overcome its historical maximum. A few reasons to believe it

The cryptanalyst Alex Kruger believes the future of Bitcoin is bright. Expert listed positive factors around the cryptocurrency and noted that gaps in the CME futures does not have to close around $ 8,500. According to him, cryptocurrency will set a new record price in 2020 or 2021. Waiting for 50 thousand dollars per BTC.

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The Ethereum blockchain is nearly full. Review Vitalik Buterin

Acne Buterin said that prevents the further development of Ethereum. Now everything depends on the scalability, because the blockchain of the project is almost complete. This can lead to a marked increase in fees for the transfers.

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Mining on an Nvidia GTX and GTX 1660 1660 Ti. How many bring card and how long pay off?

Dealt with relatively new graphics cards GTX and GTX 1660 1600 Ti from Nvidia. Inside — a selection of most profitable coins for mining, net profit taking into account average electricity prices and a fair return on the GPU.

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Million bitcoins Creator of bitcoin has offered to destroy. Why you need a robbery Satoshi Nakamoto?

On the topic of Satoshi Nakamoto continue to chipout: this time the Director-General Director of the company Paxful ray Yousef suggested to destroy the coins of the Creator of Bitcoin. According to his version, this will allow to reduce possible fluctuations in the market and to protect hontarov.

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Mystic forecast: what will happen to Bitcoin in the Bakkt?

Technical analysis in the world of cryptocurrency — something quite unreliable. But you can go even further, linking to the topic of astrology and ancient mathematics. It did so under the name analyst Mitoshi Kaku, who identified the following important date for Bitcoins, September 23. On the same day will launch Bakkt what “expert” very happy.

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Chinese miners forced to suspend production of Bitcoin. What is the reason?

In Sichuan weather: the prolonged rains have caused landslides that affected the miners. Many ASIC swept the dirt so that the visible sagging Hasrat in the network of Bitcoin is not surprising. Video inside.

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The index of fear of Bitcoin fell to a historic low. What does it mean?

Subsidence of Bitcoin below 10 thousand dollars was the reason for the historical minimum of the index of fear. It turns out, holders of coins are thinking of them drain. And clearly the big players will take advantage.

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An anonymous trader bought 45 bitcoins for $ 14. How did he do it?

Bug with the cloud platform Amazon Web Services was causing the problem for cryptocurrency exchanges. One lucky person was even able to buy more 45 bitcoins for pennies. The coins in the end went to the purse, that is the trading platform won’t.

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A billionaire from South Africa told how I wasted my money on bitcoins

For the hatred of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies need very little: just buy the coins on the peaks of course. So did the richest woman in South Africa, which in recent times bought BTC for 18 thousand dollars. It is not surprising that she now considers a niche coin fraud.

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The Ethereum will soon displace competitors. The prophecy of the research Department Binance

Binance analysts predict a loss of positions Ethereum. The project is allegedly can give way to the Tron, which also allows you to create decentralized applications. In addition, experts adverted chain Chain Binance.

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