CRYPTOMACH / Buying graphics cards in the 17 million rubles, the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia and a review of ethOS

Over the shoulders of another week — time to read the summary of important events. Today the purchase of graphics cards in the 17 million rubles, an overview of the operating system for mining and prospects of Ethereum this year.

The law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies and mining submitted to the state Duma

Deputies have registered in the Duma the draft law “On digital of financial assets”. It introduces the terms “cryptocurrency”, “token” and “smart contracts”. In this version of the debut and needs refinement.

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The Ethereum fell 2.6% year to date. What happened, and what to expect from coins

The theme of the fall Ethereum care from the beginning of the year. The article has analysed the influence factors and assessed the prospects of the coin. It seems that while dreaming about a vacation on a private island early.

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Mining in Russian: the plant from Kovylkino buys 500 cards through the Procurement of 17 million rubles

The main hit of last week. Plant from Mordovia buys 522 cards Sapphire Radeon RX 580 NITRO. Also there are the risers, processors, memory, and power supplies. The total cost of delivery — 17,66 million rubles.

The beauty is that the plant is a structural part of holding of JSC Ruselectronics, which in turn is included in the state Corporation rostec. Looks like someone mines not quite legal.

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Asus B250 Mining Expert. Review motherboards for 19 cards

On Monday I shared a review of Asus B250 Mining Expert. Motherboard supports 19 card. In practice to achieve this is difficult, but possible.

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The Central Bank of China can change the attitude towards cryptocurrencies

In the main Bank of China reshuffle. Now the post of Director And headed the Ganges. Previously, he positively spoke about the cryptocurrency, which was not the former head. In this regard, analysts expect the situation to improve with coins in the country and around the world.

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In the state Duma introduced a bill on the regulation of cryptocurrencies. What’s inside?

The evening took apart the contents of the main document of the country on cryptocurrencies, mining and ICO. It is already known that the transaction will be conducted solely through the exchange operators, so operations will probably be taxed. The maximum amount of investments in ICO for non-professional investors will determine the Central Bank.

The bill is too superficial and needs a lot of improvements.

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Snowden: NSA USA following the users of Bitcoin since 2013

Wednesday was memorable for a new leak from Edward Snowden. According to him, homeland security USA follows the owners of bitcoins in 2013. Employees keep track of senders and recipients of the crypts, and sometimes steal user data. It seems that control is much stronger than he looks.

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How and where to look for new coins for mining

Article — a real gift for the miners. It was dismantled, where to find obscure coins. If conditions contribute, they will earn good money.

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The pensioner from Novosibirsk on trial for fraud cryptocurrency

66-the summer pensioner held a training seminar in Biysk. At the meeting, was presented by the employee of a large international company and convinced the visitors profitable to invest in the crypt. Eventually got 124 thousand roubles which has spent for own needs.

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ethOS. Overview of the operating system for mining for $ 39

As a bonus, has published the first part of the review of the operating system ethOS. Cost of 39 dollars. Inside the options to configure, connect to and other important details.

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