CRYPTOMACH / Collapse of Bitcoin, a hard Bitcoin hardwork Cash, unprofitable mining Ethereum and buying a million litecoin

This week was unusually eventful. The main events were a significant drop in market and planned hardwork Bitcoin Cash, which caused the “cryptograhically war.” There were other important happenings. Deal with each of them, to be aware of.

Anonymous bought a million litecoin. Now he owns the biggest LTC wallet

Rich people in cryptocurrency enough. This once again proved the anonymous author who had acquired 1.15 million LTC to $ 61 million. The most beautiful thing, the transaction cost just 50 cents.

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Resourceful miners found a way a substantial reduction in price bitcoin mining

Mining bitcoins is a costly affair, especially with the current exchange rate. The guys from Northern Bitcoin could reduce the costs of mining. To do this, they put the farm inside the inactive metal mining mines in Norway. Workarou cool icy water of fjords, which is now the mining one BTC leaves about $ 2,700.

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Hasrat of Bitcoin fell by 13 percent. Blame “Satoshi”

Earlier in the week, Hasrat network of Bitcoin plummeted from 54 to 47 aksaka per second. Analysts link the events with the activity of Craig Wright.

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Broken farm: the profitability of mining Ethereum has fallen to almost zero

According to the experts, meaning the graphics cards for mining Ethereum is now effectively dead. Profit from mining fell significantly, so it is better to use the GPU for video games.

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Bitcoin just fell 10 percent. What is the reason?

Wednesday night market has plummeted. Bitcoin fell by 10 percent and pulled him the rest of the market. Among the possible reasons experts including allocated power outages to large miners in China.

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Bitcoin has updated the annual minimum. Who is to blame for the market crash?

After the subsidence of the market went version. The situation was again linked with the activity of the main adept of Bitcoin SV. Craig Wright urged the miners to switch to mining BCH. Because of this alleged course of BTC could fall to $ 1,000.

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Mining in 2019 will be profitable or die?

2018 is running out. What will happen to mining in the next? Understand the situation, analyze the market condition and possible possible versions.

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Some more: Bitcoin has come to an end of the bearish cycle

The fall of Bitcoin looks terrible, but some see it as a plus. It’s all in the cyclical nature of history — earlier, the first cryptocurrency had lost percent of the cost. However, after that certainly was a steep bullrun.

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Hardwork Bitcoin Cash has taken place. What is known at the moment?

Network BCH updated. Summed up the update and spoke about the continuation of the conflict of developers, which costs millions of dollars every day.

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Who “knocks” Bitcoin? Knows chief strategist Coinshares

Chief strategist Coinshares Meltem Demirors shared his version of the events. She noted the activity of institucionales and hedge funds, as well as updating of the network of Bitcoin Cash.

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Bitcoin Cash fell after hard forks. What’s next?

Course BCH responded to hardwork fall. To update the coin has risen to $ 630, but now it serves 382 bucks. There is a risk of rolling back to the zone of $ 360.

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To the moon: token Etheera increased by 80,000 percent in two weeks

Course Etheera rose neveroyatnye 800 x’s. However, they could be fake. There is a version that the developers have invested in the daily PAMP 20 ETH, buying the most expensive order. However, the schedule is still surprising.

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English: miners were taken to the farm, and left a bill for $ 1.5 million

American mining company cut off the electricity from-for debts for 1.55 million dollars. Entrepreneurs found out — raised farm and other equipment and disappeared.

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This fiasco: Tom Lee lowered his price prediction Bitcoin to the beginning of 2019

Kryptopterus Whether lowered its forecast for the exchange rate of Bitcoin to the end of the year. Prior to that, he counted on 25 thousand dollars per BTC, and now promises 15 thousand. Looks like business is on the market is really bad.

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