CRYPTOMACH / Death Antminer Z9, forecasts of the exchange rate of Bitcoin, mining zcash for and reference mining from GMO

Behind another week. The last seven days, remember the exchange rate fluctuations, jump Bytecoin and lost hardware wallet, for which the trader has promised a reward of 135 thousand dollars. Main events — by tradition, Cryptoimage.

Brian Kelly: Bitcoin will rise to 14 thousand dollars in the short term

Analyst and an active member of the cryptocurrency community has shared his Outlook. According to Brian Kelly, to make the Bitcoin grow under the force of coins trading at big banks, improve regulation and the blockchain week in new York. Following this, the support level will increase to 12 thousand dollars, and the rate to 14.

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The trader has announced a reward of 135 thousand dollars for the return of the lost Bitcoin wallets

A resident of Switzerland kept hardware crypto wallets in a Bank vault. Removed them twice a year. This time made an exception and managed to leave the device in an open car. How much money is lost is unknown. For devices promises 135 thousand dollars.

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Bytecoin has grown 150 percent in 6 hours. What happened?

Tuesday Bytecoin went up. The initial rate of 0.69 cents for a couple of hours was increased to 1.75 cents. It turned out that the reason was the listing of BCN on Binance.

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Antminer Z9 has died before the start of deliveries. Why buy from Bitmain-miner’s rule should be abandoned

The prospects for the recently announced Z9 Antminer from Bitmain gradually melt away. Representatives of the Bitcoin Gold issued a formal statement against the miner and promise not to let him. Staff BTCP, too, such as promise to make changes to the network.

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When price will rise Bitcoin? Version Volume Whether

Whether remembered about cryptocurrency conference Consensus. It will be held from 14 to 16 may in new York. The entrepreneur cites the example from the behavior of the coins during the event and will announce significant growth.

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iBeLink presented DM56G — ASIC-miner for X11 algorithm with hasraton 56 GH/s

iBeLink announced a new model — DM56G. Miner working on the algorithm X11, shows, Hasrat 56 GH/s and brings to 10 dollars a day. Production Dash will turn a profit of $ 7.

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As the investment of one dollar in Bitcoin in 2011? Show on candy

To understand the development of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency video. One dollar equates to one piece of candy and show the courses of the coin with a certain interval. The cost is fixed as February and July.

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As mine zcash for? Profitability and characteristics of production, ZEC

Zcash for shows good results. To get it recommend into the pool. Going in solo is possible in the best case, with 250 farms. Details production — in the article.

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How to mine: Japanese GMO doubled, Hasrat for a month and got 900 bitcoins

Immediately after the article about the mining zcash for enjoying a master class from Japanese GMO. In April, the company dug 373 bitcoins — at current exchange rate became richer by 7.76 million dollars. Just on account of miners were 906 coins BTC.

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Why falling Bitcoin? Purse Mt.Gox is gone, the next batch of coins

Experts have linked the fall of the exchange rate of Bitcoin is selling the next batch of coins Mt.Gox. Purses exchange the bankrupt took 8,000 BTC. On account of there are more than 100 thousand bitcoins, so the possible subsidence in the future need to be prepared.

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