CRYPTOMACH / Failure ashiki from Baikal and Bitmain, secret farm in the Orenburg and drop courses

Ends in another week. Over the past seven days, we met new astami on the algorithm CryptoNight, watched the sinking rates of coins and met with one of the basic concepts of mining. As always, the main news published in Cryptoimage.

In Orenburg, the police found a large mining farm in the building of the liquidated plant

On Monday, the police of Orenburg found the hidden mining-farm on the territory of an abandoned factory. Outside the building was given to fans only, so on the trail the attackers left the bills for electricity. The damage is estimated at 60 million rubles. Inside article — photo and video.

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Baikal N Giant — the first ASIC for the algorithm CryproNight

On the same day, the company Baikal presented the first miner for CryptoNight algorithm. Estimated revenue was at $ 25 a day. The cost model is 3600 USD.

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Baikal Giant N died before the start of sales. Why buy asika is not the best idea

The next day he told me why from buy of miner is better to abstain. The reason is the attitude of the developers of the coin who don’t want to see in network asik. The model did not support the Monero team and IPBC.

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In Omsk will pass the court in the case of fraud with mining equipment

The resident of Omsk is charged with the theft of two million roubles. Omich presented by the seller of equipment for mining. Then asked buyers to prove the availability of money and eventually stole them. The scheme is fine, it happened at least two.

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What are the balls in mining. As the complexity of the solutions affect the extraction of crypto currencies

Wednesday has prepared the next portion of the educational program in mining. This time touched the ball and explained how it affects the complexity of decisions on the result of extraction of the crypts. Recommended reading all the “miners”.

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Inno3D will present the map for mining on the Nvidia chip P102-100. 47 MH/s and 660 Sol/s

After that got some interesting information about a new video card for mining. The model will generate around 47 MH/s in Ethereum, 660 Sol/s in zcash for and 879 H/s in Monero. A powerful apparatus.

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Antminer X3. New ASIC from Bitmain for the algorithm CryptoNight

Thursday has reminded Bitmain. The company has gone the way of the Baikal and announced miner for CryptoNight. In theory, it needs to give you $ 200 a day.

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Why fall courses Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. How involved hackers

Researched have identified an interesting connection between the hackers and the rates of cryptocurrencies. The activity of malefactors may not only drop the value of the coins, but to raise them. Curious data will help to understand the world of cryptocurrencies a bit better.

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Analysts have predicted the fall of Bitcoin up to $2800

Saturday began with disturbing news. Technical analyst Securities Market Dubai Ltd allows for the depreciation of the main cryptocurrencies of the world to three thousand dollars. Sounds dangerous — especially against the backdrop of sagging.

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The Trustee of the exchange Mt.Gox denies the impact on the exchange rate of Bitcoin

Trustee hacked exchange Mt.Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi commented on the accusations of depreciation of Bitcoin. Kobayashi noted that was selling coins at a special method that eliminates market failure. Experts admitted that so he just wanted to absolve themselves of blame.

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The developer of Monero are reminded of the “futility” of asik Antminer X3

Today is the turn to came to Bitmain. The developer confirmed the incompatibility Monero miner with the network. The manufacturer changed the product description, tried to absolve themselves of responsibility and at the same time received a portion of criticism from the community.

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