CRYPTOMACH / Failure of Bitcoin, the launch of Bakkt and mysterious drop Hasrat network BTC

Last week in the world of cryptocurrency was tense. The exchange rate of Bitcoin fell below $ 8,000, and altcoins followed the example of the market leader. At the same time, Hasrat BTC has set new records, although it managed to fall by about a third for no apparent reason. This is uncomfortable and strange, but seven days is over. It now remains to sum them up.

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How many actually earn on cryptocurrency without investment?

Creators of new cryptocurrencies often distribute them to users. Usually give tokens for some actions, for example, repost in social networks or comments. It turns out that it is possible to live. The record in the niche was a student from Bangladesh, who was able to capitalize on airdrop more than 25 thousand dollars.

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Hasrat network of Bitcoin fell by 40 percent and nobody knows why

On Monday, the computing power of the Bitcoin network has fallen to 67 million teruhisa per second. The exact reason to explain the situation at the beginning not found. Later began to sound version of a possible disconnection of large miningfarms. But why did they do it? By the way, the next day, the situation returned to normal.

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Bitcoin futures on Bakkt — like eight-lane motorway

Platform for trading Bitcoin futures Bakkt finally launched. Crazy results and attention from customers was not, however, experts are not expecting. Say, players in this market are too experienced to invest their money simply because of the launch of the platform.

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When a quantum leap Google will destroy Bitcoin?

In the network appeared an article from Google on “quantum supremacy”, but later it was removed. According to the company, they need about 200 CPU seconds to fetch a single instance of a quantum circuit a million times. And yet for ten years it may be enough to make encryption of crypto-currencies obsolete.

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The Ethereum accused of a serious centralisation

Representatives of the cloud blockchain platform Chainstack think Ethereum centralized. The reason the majority of nodes project in centralized cloud services. A quarter of the GBR accounts for Amazon Web Services.

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Bitcoin has fallen below $ 8,500 in minutes

On Tuesday, the market went down. During the day, its market capitalization fell by 30 billion, while Bitcoin is headed towards $ 8000. Because of this, the exchange BitMEX have eliminated the shorts for at least the equivalent of 604 million dollars.

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Why the price of Bitcoin fell to $ 8,000?

Soon after the event came the explanation. By the readers of Reddit, the market could fall due to large transactions in USD 1.2 billion. This amount went from wallet to the exchange, after which it started to sell. Well, it caused panic among traders.

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The 5 most common questions about working with cryptocurrencies

Answered five important questions that cause difficulties. Can transactions remain without confirmation? What will happen to the coins that were in the orphan block? Tell.

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Mining of cryptocurrencies in Russia can be equated to the discovery of the treasure

Representatives of the Association of Russian banks propose to classify mining cryptocurrencies as occupation of property or the discovery of the treasure. Bitcoins and other coins can be considered a “newly established”, and to buy them will have to fill out a Declaration. But all this is only suggestions. They will consider in the first half of October.

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The loud fall of Bitcoin happened because of one cryptocurrency exchanges

Experts have found another reason for the depreciation of Bitcoin. The mood of holleran ruined exchange BitMEX. Because of the peculiarities of the withdrawal of deposits in the free swimming was more than 49 thousands of bitcoins a few hours later took to sell. It lowered the rate.

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As the price of Bitcoin tied to futures on the CME exchange?

In 75 percent of cases the exchange rate of Bitcoin dropped before calculating futures contracts. Experts do not consider it a coincidence. Quite the contrary — futures is subject to market manipulation.

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