CRYPTOMACH / Failure “of the Creator of Bitcoin,” the problem with mining Litecoin and fake gold

On the street the fall. Sounds sad, but the end of summer was memorable. In the last week of August ended IEO from Binance, the exchange has introduced a new platform for cryptocredits, and Craig Wright pre-lost “five billion”. Experts criticized the Ethereum and mining Litecoin is gradually approaching to zero profitability.

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Profitable mine Litecoin after halving?

After a long-awaited reduction in the reward for the block of Litecoin in early August, the course of bitcoin has plummeted. Then it cost about $ 100, and give LTC today for 64 bucks. The decline affected miners, whose income dipped significantly. It’s funny, but the prognosis is the Creator of the cryptocurrency on the profitability of Litecoin is not true — we checked.

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The rise of Bitcoin to $ 10 million predicted just ten years ago

On the prospects of the value of BTC was thinking more Hal Finney was the first recipient of a Bitcoin transaction. In his opinion, bitcoin can cost even $ 10 million. But for this cryptocurrency need to become the dominant payment system in the world.

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I participated in an all-cryptomaterial from Binance, but in the end lost money

The week ended with another IEO from Binance. Alas, this time make it not work. The tickets were losing, and even the rate of BNB subsided. The loss is about $ 300.

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Binance a new platform allows you to earn bitcoin doing nothing. How does it work?

Binance launched a Lending — credit cryptocurrency platform. Users give their coins in debt for two weeks and then make a profit. The maximum yield acquired BNB — whole 15 per cent.

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“Creator of Bitcoin is” lost five billion dollars. What’s next?

Craig Wright is not lucky in court. After a year of hearings, Factori ordered to pay about 500 thousand BTC brother of his former business partner. Wright spoke about the fall of the market for sale so a large batch of coins.

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The Ethereum technologically dead. The statement of the expert Blockstream

Samson MOU of Blockstream were talking about Ethereum, but in a bad light. According to his version, the project is dead technologically. Due to limitations of network bandwidth a larger number of users only brings fiasco Vitalik Buterin. Let’s see what happens then.

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How to configure and run the miner lolMiner? Detailed guidance

Figured out lolMiner which is especially good for extraction ZelCash graphics cards from AMD. Inside settings, heraty graphics cards during operation and the desired parameters to the miner.

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Gold is still far from Bitcoin. The precious metals market is full of “fake” bars

Bitcoin has a steep advantage — coins cannot be forged, as well as create them out of thin air. So the world will see no more than 21 million coins. With gold such a scheme is not working. It turns out that the bars are actively tampered with.

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Bitcoin fell sharply below 10 thousand dollars. The collapse could make an anonymous trader

During the week the exchange rate of Bitcoin has fallen below 10 thousand dollars and has not since recovered. Today the coin is also traded in the area of 9600 dollars. The fall of course was the reason for the liquidation of long positions on USD 150 million.

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Silk Road: what can we learn from the big story about anonymity online? The first part

Remembered the story of the online platform Silk Road, which became an important promoter of Bitcoin. Its Creator, Ross Ulbricht, in the end, received a double life sentence and 40 years on.

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Take care of bitcoin: 4 of the top 5 cryptocurrency QR generators turned out to be a fraud

Do not rush to create a QR code for your Bitcoin wallet. In a niche full of scammers who want to obtain your smartphone. Usually they forge code and force users to send coins to your wallets. And this scheme works.

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