CRYPTOMACH / First felony for mining in Russia, secret Easter eggs from Satoshi and cheap fees for sending 30 thousand BTC

The last seven days have been hectic. The week began with the rise of the courses of most of the coins, which eventually turned out to be a consequence of the fall stablon USDT. Then we waited for a letter from Satoshi Nakamoto, the lessons of the failed test hard forks Constantinople and even a criminal case for a hidden mining. According to the tradition of putting the puzzle in detail.

Nestabilan. USDT is no longer equal to one dollar, what’s happening?

Monday fell by Tether. Stablon USDT ceased to be the equivalent of the us dollar and fell to 94 cents. Against this background, artificially increased rates of other popular coins, Bitfinex temporarily suspended the acceptance of deposits in Fiat. The reasons for this situation were the transfer of traders to an alternative “stable” coins and another portion of the doubts about the solvency of the Tether.

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A letter from the past: in the code of Bitcoin found Easter eggs from the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto

Satoshi Nakamoto is a living legend. Alas, to meet him in real life or messengers impossible, because the programmer appreciates privacy. This week the world saw another mark of the Creator of Bitcoin. The line of code coins at number 1616 contained a hidden message — The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks. The developer had already seen in the cryptocurrency rescue from banks.

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Three lessons that can be learned from a failed test of Constantinople

Test hard forks of Ethereum failed. To remedy the situation in the future is enough to follow three points: the support of miners, the presence of nodes in the network and day of the week. Yes, update at the weekend — not the best idea.

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Time mysteries: cryptomnesia send pictures with the encrypted keys from the Ripple wallet

Earn on cryptocurrency will succeed not only through trading. You can also unravel the codes of enthusiasts. For example, Ali Kutluay distributes 137 XRP to fans of puzzles to solve.

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Arrived in Russia, opened the first criminal case for a hidden mining

A resident of the Kurgan wanted to cryptocurrency due to the capacity of the other users. He hacked into the servers of government organizations and tried to install the software for covert mining. Hackers found — now to it threatens till 5 years of imprisonment.

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Why is fall of Bitcoin is a sign of the coming rally? Explain traders

Some experts see a fall of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a sign of an imminent growth rates. A fresh subsidence supposedly should be the last, and then we will see only growth. As an analyst, for the Year lacks only one component of trading volume.

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Monero is preparing a new wave of growth. Proof on the charts

The XMR analysis confirmed the beginning of the formation of bullish activity. Asset finally broke the downtrend line drawn and signalled completion of the correction.

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How much to send 30 thousand bitcoins? An unexpected answer

30 thousand BTC — great condition. At today’s exchange rate is equivalent to 195 million dollars. Whatever it was, its translation costs pennies. To be more precise, it is about ten cents. Banks would not hesitate to take the same step tens of thousands of dollars.

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In Yekaterinburg, a criminal gang staged a mass brawl because of cryptomancer

In the middle of the week in Yekaterinburg was held a mass brawl. It was attended by 45 people from three criminal gangs. It turned out, the bandits were fighting for the right to “protect” local cryptocurrency banker. Obviously, the latter is not poor even in spite of falling rates.

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Binance burned 1.6 million of their tokens, but the price went down. What’s wrong?

Top cryptocurrency exchange destroyed 1.6 million tokens Binance Coin. The procedure is performed to increase asset value, but this time something went wrong. In the end, the coin fell.

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Ripple Labs has partnered with the gates Foundation. Waiting for growth?

Representatives of the Ripple continue to capture the world of Finance. This time the company has carried out the transaction with funds from the bill and Melinda gates Foundation. Goal — the long-awaited implementation Interledger Protocol. Analysts admit the growth of XRP on the background of positive news.

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How to make a million dollars in bitcoin? The three most popular ways

To take the cryptocurrency can, at least, three ways. Is a day trading, trade with leverage and passion Althingi. Tell details about each of them.

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You can relax: the law on digital of financial assets will come into force not before 2019

The head of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov said the timing of the start of the bill about cryptocurrency. If the process will go without any surprises, it will start in early 2019. While officials will have to reconcile the document with the presidential administration and hold a retrial.

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