CRYPTOMACH / Forgotten Bitcoin wallet, lazy-earnings on the crypt and of course from anonymous

Last week was a turning point in the history of Bitcoin. After long months of waiting BTC finally broke through 10 thousand dollars and even lingered for a while above 11 thousand. Against this background, the traders shared their joyful expectations, Facebook has introduced a solution to money transfer, and members of the community undertook to determine the most profitable investments this year. Remember the main for seven days.

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Bitcoin in 2020: the growth rate, the huge demand and development of scalable

The current growth of Bitcoin already looks good, but it’s all over. The indicator shows how Stock-to-Flow or the ratio of stocks-to-tributary, in August of the following year for the coin, will offer 60 thousand dollars. Thank you for such behavior is having first cryptocurrency.

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Lucky forgot about his Bitcoin wallet, and then found there was 52 thousand dollars

Strategy holla like community: first, the market participant is buying crypto currencies at low prices then suffers long, and then sells the coins and goes straight to the dealership. Ron gross happened like that, that’s just about your wallet he forgot. A nice bonus, although the money likely will go to help other projects.

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An anonymous trader gave six predictions Bitcoin exchange rate. One of them has come true

In January an anonymous trader gave his prediction of the behavior of Bitcoin, which consists of six parts. If everything magically goes according to plan, in November next year 1 BTC will have to pay 87 thousand dollars.

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Facebook has published withpaper Libra. What is known about cryptocurrency?

The largest social network in the world shared details about his project. Call it a cryptocurrency is not even a stretch, because the tokens will be provided by Fiat. If the case comes before the release is unknown, since the governments of various countries are clearly not happy with what is happening.

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Cryptochip in 2017 and rise of Bitcoin today. What’s the difference?

Compared what is happening during bullrun 2017 today. Differences weight. Obviously, Bitcoin is on a completely different level.

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Asset century on Bitcoin you can earn is almost always

The first cryptocurrency can be considered break-even, but with the exception of three months at the end of 2017. If fans of coins bought BTC at a different time and since then haglili, they were in the black.

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What happens when the Bitcoin price will rise to 10 thousand dollars?

The representative of Fundstrat Tom Lee believes the rapid growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate after reaching the mark of 10 thousand dollars. According to the expert, will have a peak in the interval from 20 to 40 thousand dollars. Soon and check it out.

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Bitcoin ranked eighth in the world in monetary base and went around the Russian ruble

Jump Bitcoin has borne fruit not only Hodler. The cryptocurrency has jumped to the eighth position in terms of the monetary base. BTC surpassed the ruble, but still far from the leader of the race — gold.

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How to set up and run bminer? A guide to miner

Figured out bminer, which supports Equihash, Ethash, Grin, Aeternity and Bytom. Inside settings, heraty graphics cards and links to download.

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Why Bitcoin is growing so rapidly? The answer of experts

In 2017 bullrun Bitcoin provided ordinary investors. Now to the subject joined institutionally. Therefore, the reasons for the development of more than enough.

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How much can you earn by investing in Bitcoin on a dollar a day?

For large earnings on cryptocurrency do not have to invest a lot of money. In theory, it is sufficient to invest even a dollar a day. If someone did that in 2011, he would have earned 18 million dollar 3261.

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The most profitable and unprofitable cryptocurrency in 2019. What are they?

Summed up the interim results of 2019. The leader of growth is the native cryptocurrency Binance. Since the beginning of this year BNB jumped to 521 percent.

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Bitcoin above 11 thousand dollars. Next stop — 100 thousand

Yesterday BTC break above 11 thousand and fell back. To worry about. According to legendary trader Peter Brandt, the next goal of Bitcoin are 100 thousand. Wait!

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