CRYPTOMACH / Golden cross Ethereum, a year before halving Bitcoin and a list of cryptocurrencies to buy

Behind another kryptonites. She will remain at least for an important date: halving Bitcoin is officially less than a year. On the background of the event the experts shared their forecasts and carried out interesting analogies with the dollar. Seven days remember sending a WhatsApp crypt and the rhetoric of John McAfee as to the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. Remember the main thing.

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356 bitcoins in the account. HitBTC is accused of indigence, than it threatens?

The week began with the exciting news — sources reported problems HitBTC. On the Bitcoin-wallet of the exchange supposedly there are only 356 coins. This explains the problems with the conclusions and the periodic blocking of user accounts. The situation is especially dangerous for fans of DubaiCoin. The entire trading volume DBIX provided by HitBTC.

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A rich man’s club: how many Bitcoin wallets have counts greater than 1 BTC?

For BTC today give about $ 8,000. A considerable sum of money, but its owners enough. At least 732 thousands of the purses is one bitcoin. The majority of all coins in the last year did not budge.

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Now in WhatsApp you can send and receive bitcoins. Facebook is not in the business

The adoption of cryptocurrency is gaining momentum. Thanks bot Lite.Im WhatsApp users can now conduct transactions with BTC and LTC. I hope at least a small part of the audience of the messenger will discover the crypt.

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On the chart Ethereum formed “Golden cross”. What does it mean?

Now Bitcoin is hovering at the same level. These are altcoins that pull a volume of itself. The winner in this situation still looks the Ethereum. Recently on the chart of a coin acne Buterin formed the Golden cross — a clear bullish signal.

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Waiting here: to halving Bitcoin in less than a year

Week was significant in particular because of the approaching halving Bitcoin. Before he left less than a year. By the way, the majority of investors predicts the growth rate after this event.

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What will be the exchange rate of Bitcoin to the end of 2019? Forecast managers hedge funds

This year may not be complete records of Bitcoins. And although experts expect large jumps in rates in June, the leaders of hedge funds predict a little less than 10 thousand dollars for BTC in December. The test script 20 thousand in the coming months is also not excluded.

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The following bullrun Bitcoin will be the most ambitious in the history of cryptocurrency

Analyst Masirah Makhmudov adds fuel to the fire of expectations bullrun. According to him, following the bullish trend will be the biggest in the history of cryptocurrency. To thank for this is a variety of applications, platforms and services.

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Mass psychosis: what happens to the cryptocurrency market after halving Bitcoin?

The reduction in the reward for the block of Bitcoin twice will play an important role in the popularization of cryptocurrencies. According to Anthony Pompliano about buying BTC after halving think even normal users. Within the article is a great analogy with the reduction of the emission of the dollar.

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John McAfee: to disclose the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is easier than you think

McAfee continues to chipout on the topic of Satoshi. He says he knows who is behind the alias, but to reveal the owner will not. According to him, cross the road to one of the richest men in the world too dangerous. At the same time find Nakamoto can “any fool”.

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Mining Bitcoin brings record profits for the year. And in Russia?

The growth rate of Bitcoin in the second half of spring again made mining profitable. Now the yield approached the maximum for the last 10 months. By the way, the ASIC owners in Russia have also joined the network.

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What cryptocurrencies should buy before ballroom? Tips trader

The well-known trader under the name GalaxyBTC revealed the contents of his portfolio. Most of the money he invested in Ethereum. From famous projects it is also a BNB and Waves. And extra wallet lying around bitcoins.

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