CRYPTOMACH / Kriptosistema Buterin, 310 encrypted BTC in the puzzle and a mysterious prophecy about Bitcoin

Autumn slowly crept to the middle, and the last week before this mark was cool. Acne Buterin got into a debate with Nouriel Roubini and at the same time revealed the amount of their savings in ETH. Along with this, the hacker announced the attack 51 percent live and Binance has delistyle a few coins. Deal with the results of the week in detail.

The number of empty blocks in the network Ethereum increased by 637 percent before hardforum

The number of empty units has increased significantly since September. The event is important because in the long term it can cause increase in gas prices. By the way, the main culprits were the pools F2Pool and Ethergrid.

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Four points: acne Buterin told about the progress of work on Ethereum

The founder of the Ethereum project highlighted the main directions of the project. They were Plasma, the study of sidechained on the basis of a ZK-SNARK, Casper and trained to implement four new upgrades of the network.

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Grow EOS by the end of 2018? Responsible traders

Traders shared three forecasts of the state of EOS by the end of this year. Hontarov can wait a “few months of pain” and the rapid growth rate in the fourth quarter. What happens in practice, by tradition, time will tell.

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Steep productivity growth: Ethash pools 2Miners got an important update

Eiropadome pools 2Miners got an important update. First they were transferred to the new version of the client Parity, and then implemented an advanced algorithm for checking the correctness of decisions of the miners. As a result, the processing is much faster, and the users of the pool a lot more chances to find block and get reward.

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Prepare the popcorn: the hacker has promised to carry out the attack 51 percent live

About the attack 51 percent heard everything, but to see it with my own eyes had only hackers. The man under the nickname piracy1 decided to fix it. He announced the attack unpopular Einsteinium coins live on Twitch-channel. Personal benefit for the author should be minimal.

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Binance announced the delisting of four coins. What cryptocurrencies will fall even more?

Representatives from the largest world stock exchanges announced delisting Bytecoin (BCN), ChatCoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN) and Triggers (TRIG). The reason for the decision: the desire to guarantee the safety of users of the platform.

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Mystic prophecy: as in the eighties predicted the creation of Bitcoin

Thirty years ago the magazine The Economist predicted the emergence of a unified medium of exchange. They have to pay for the goods the people from different countries and continents, and as his logo, reporters chose Phoenix. Bitcoin could become a world currency, however, its level of promotion is not up to this title.

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Bitcoin fell to $ 400 for half an hour. What happened?

On Thursday, the Bitcoin exchange rate plummeted. The coin has lost about 5 percent of the cost for half an hour. In happening blame of a major player, who conducted a transaction of 15000 BTC. Also, a possible cause may be instability in the traditional markets and the decline of the US market.

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Black Thursday: what will happen after the fall of Bitcoin?

Immediately after the fall was followed by an analyst. The schedule reported on the current state of the situation, the market and the possible consequences. By the way, some factors indicate a probability of up to $ 4,500.

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Experts: the cryptocurrency industry is on the verge of complete collapse

Analysts At Juniper Research Ltd. shared a sad prediction about the future of cryptocurrencies. They believe that Bitcoin will soon show a “complete collapse.” Other cryptocurrencies will follow the first coin.

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Acne Buterin predicted a new financial crisis and talked about his coins

Buterin responded to the activity of economist Nouriel Roubini and stated that predicts the financial crisis by 2021. Then it came to blows, during which he revealed his own status in the ETH. The sum amounted to 365 thousand coins.

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The riddle of the year: anonymous hidden in the picture 310 bitcoin. Who got the reward?

One of the early Bitcoin investors decided to distribute more than 300 coins. To do this, he created a puzzle in which the encrypted private key from the wallet. Mid-week, a vast fortune has disappeared, and one of the fans of puzzles became significantly richer.

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Pump on Yobit ended. The exchange chose PutinCoin

Guide Yobit had promised pump. As a “victim” chose PutinCoin, the value of which jumped by 1400 percent. It’s funny that the team kind of is not going to end here and will continue to develop the initiative.

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