CRYPTOMACH / Leap of Bitcoin, Elon Musk in the role of CEO of Dogecoin, experience accumulation and BTC shopping whales

Last week was most enjoyable this year. Bitcoin sharply broke below $ 5,000 and it is confidently entrenched above this level. It was followed by other coins, which market capitalization is easily leapt over 180 billion. Summing up the past seven days and remember the most high-profile event.

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The ice was broken: the winner of the competition of Justin Sana does get a Tesla

After a series of obscure actions of the Creator Tron still made contact with the winner. A user under the nickname @uzgaroth reported on correspondence with Justin San and it seems like about all have agreed. Judging by the publications of the lucky car to him has not yet arrived. But the community continues to wait and hope for the best.

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Until the end of the year Bitcoin will survive the “perfect storm”. Why cryptocurrency will change the trend?

This year will bring a steep change in the niche of the cryptocurrency. The reasons for the change in a trend shared by Thomas Lee. These include the weakening of the dollar, support credit cards on Binance, the success of the Lightning Network and so on. The bulls are clearly on the way.

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It has happened: Bitcoin has risen to $ 5,000, altcoins are green

Tuesday brought a lot of positive emotions for hontarov. Bitcoin jumps to $ 5,000 and forced to think about bullrun. The green candle was huge, so I believe the growth was very difficult. Especially considering the fact that he came in the morning.

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What could cause the jump rate of Bitcoin? Analysts ‘ opinions

Followed the analysis of the situation. Experts have suggested that a significant reason for the growth was not just the fundamentals have become very strong. In addition, the coin has long been in an ascending wedge.

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Fuck Tesla: how Elon Musk became CEO of Dogecoin

Week pleased and Elon Musk. The entrepreneur according to the tradition, joked on Twitter and even called himself the CEO of Dogecoin. The coin and the community responded perfectly.

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Hackers have hacked me on HitBTC. As it was, and taught history — personal experience

Scammers are much closer than you think. Editor 2Биткоина almost lost coins on a couple of hundred dollars. Fortunately, the saved button will end all open sessions. Conclusions from the situation and recommendations — inside.

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Bitcoin soared to the top of Google Trends. We look forward to further growth

The growth rate of Bitcoin made people increasingly Google information about cryptocurrency. The popularity of queries on the first coin has increased, and Mati Greenspan even spoke about the onset of the syndrome loss of profits. Readers of the trader have supported it.

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What was the reason for the growth of Bitcoin this week? A mysterious theory Bloomberg

From Bloomberg journalists have their own version of what happened. According to them, the growth rate of the BTC provoked algorithmic trading. The alleged representatives of the Asian market purchase of $ 100 million.

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Forward bulls: Bitcoin soars to 10 thousand dollars on Binance

Level $ 5,000 — no limit. On Binance Bitcoin exchange rate was two times higher. I hope this is not a coincidence but a sign of imminent flight to the moon.

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How do you save 44 bitcoin and not to merge them? The experience of the Chinese investor

Be a Hodler difficult, but to become them, like as not. Accumulate bitcoins will help the technique of the Chinese investor. Weekly he bought BTC for at least $ 150. Eventually spent 17 thousand dollars and collected 44 coins. The following bullrun clearly bring him fabulous wealth.

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Shopping whale: unknown bought at OTC exchange of more than 10 thousand bitcoins in just over an hour

Rich people can’t save up coins and buy them at once, and a huge party. Did the anonymous user. He bought 10 thousand BTC on the OTC platform Cumberland. It took less than an hour.

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Capitalization of Bitcoin will rise to 100 trillion dollars. This will achieve bankers

Thank you for the jump the capitalization of Bitcoin to 100 trillion possible bankers. The purchasing power of the dollar will continue to fall and prices will rise. In the end, the first cryptocurrency really becomes a safe haven to preserve capital.

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The trader, who predicted the fall of Bitcoin up to $ 4,000 for the first time spoke about its growth

The latest rise of Bitcoin has changed the views on the cryptocurrency among many analysts. For example, trader Peter Brandt spoke about a bullish trend, although this is actively stoked over the bears. It seems that the downtrend has really come to an end.

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