CRYPTOMACH / Loss 8999 bitcoin, investing in BTC from MicroStrategy and causes hatred Aldona

Behind another week. During this time, an early fan of Bitcoin Adam Beck spoke about the reasons for criticism of cryptocurrency, the giant wall Street approved BTC as an investment and has invested $ 250 million, and the developers of the crypto wanted to reduce the activity of hackers in the industry. Tell breaking news and summarize weeks.

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How to determine the number of coins in circulation Ethereum: Vitalik manual from Balerina

Эфириум блокчейн криптовалюта

A major scandal this week — the lack of accurate data on the number of esters in the back. It turned out that different platforms have different data, so the number of ETH on the network in this way is impossible. The events became a reason for the intensification of Bitcoin extremists who used the situation to criticism of Ethereum.

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Early developer of Bitcoin explained why so much dislikes other cryptocurrencies

биткоин эфириум блокчейн

One of the first developers of Bitcoin Adam Back on the eve of comparing Ethereum with the financial pyramid. In his opinion, the meaning of other cryptocurrencies are not, and their developers run the projects solely for the money.

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On US national television commercials appeared cryptocurrency company

телевизор реклама криптовалюта

Representatives of the Fund when Investments prepared television commercials for the U.S. market. In the video, the authors tell us that it is time for digital currencies, with the word “Bitcoin” they don’t say. Cryptocommunist is not appreciated.

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Fan of cryptocurrency has lost more than $ 105 million in Bitcoins due to a computer restart

The main mistake of 2010 — 8999 loss of bitcoins due to a child’s mistakes. The guy ran an operating system from a normal disk, so it instantly lost access to a new Bitcoin address after a reboot.

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Analytical giant of wall street has invested a quarter of a billion dollars in Bitcoin


Legendary MicroStrategy has invested in BTC $ 250 million. Moreover, representatives of the company called the bitcoin trusted asset to keep that — in contrast to cash — definitely worth it. Turned out a great advertising coins on the blockchain.

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The investor hired a former hacker to get to the lost bitcoins on 300 thousand dollars

Биткоин потеря монета

Investor from Russia bought bitcoins for 10 thousand dollars in 2016. Alas, in terms of the precautions it is overdone: the private key went in an encrypted archive, but password file has been successfully forgotten. In the end had recourse to experts of security systems.

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What mistakes cannot be allowed under the new stage of growth of the cryptocurrency market?

Биткоин буллран бык

What is happening on the cryptocurrency market like the beginning of a new stage of growth. In this regard, it is important to prepare for what is happening — at least mentally. The article presents advice which is to listen.

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The developers of cryptocurrency wallet figured out how to reduce the level of fraud in the industry

монеты криптовалюта кошелек

The creators of the project MyCrypto will warn users if they decide to send the coins to a suspicious address. In theory, this should reduce the success of cryptocurrency scams and their earnings. I want to believe that others will follow suit.

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