CRYPTOMACH / Millionaire will return the Bitcoin to 20 thousand, the best graphics card and the cost of the token Gram

This week was a lot of loud news. What is the story of a Chinese businessman who lost 2000 bitcoins and others pre-suicide? We also learned about future challenges for all kryptomere, the reasons for the rapid growth of Bitcoin in the future and the timing of the launch of futures on Bakkt. Remember the main thing.

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The problem of Bitcoin is connected with the distribution of wealth. What is it?

At least 18 million Bitcoin addresses are stored from 1 to 100 dollars. The amounts are small, and because of this, there is the problem of high commissions. The cost of transaction can become a real inconvenience for owners of small criptocardiini.

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Best graphics card for mining in 2019. The experts ‘ recommendations and the profitability of GPU from Nvidia and AMD

Made a list of best graphics cards for mining this year. Inside — full features on each GPU card cost and profitability of mining. In addition, the specified maximum yield work during the day and indicated the most suitable coins.

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The young millionaire wants to bring the Bitcoin price to 20 thousand dollars

Eric Finman known by investing in Bitcoin early and making a good profit. This time, the guy lit up thanks to loud statement. According to him, “some events” will allow the first cryptocurrency to return to the level of 20 thousand dollars per BTC.

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Tokens from TON Gram will go on sale to normal investors. Why are they dangerous contact?

July 10 to start selling tokens Gram for the exchange Liquid. The idea seems doubtful, since in fact users will sell the futures and the equivalent value in starlaine USDC. Also, questions about future earnings on the project Durov brothers.

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Captainvalor lost 2000 client bitcoins and committed suicide. But there is another version

42-year-old Hui Yi could commit suicide because of a failed open position. The latter was allegedly a short Bitcoin with a 100-fold shoulder and has not played. The death of the entrepreneur believed not all — there is a version of mock death for the sake of coins.

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How to increase savings in Bitcoin? The results of the survey

Bitcoin is growing, and it’s nice. According to most members of the community, the best way to increase reserves in BTC are altcoins. This option bypassed the margin trading on Bitmex, the spot-trading and the good old hodl.

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That will cause the largest growth rate in the history of Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency from Facebook of serious concern to the community. Some see in it the desire of corporations to outshine Bitcoin, others accused of centralization and the lack of anything in common with cryptocurrencies. But there are positive forecasts. For example, Globalcoin can send BTC to the moon in 2019-2020.

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Say goodbye to anonymity. Cryptobytes are big problems and inconvenience

Employees the target group of development of financial measures of struggle against money-laundering (FATF) prepare a nasty surprise. Thanks to their efforts, each exchange may be required to record traders who conduct operations on at least $ 1,000. The initiative has angered representatives of the market.

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How long will the new bullrun Bitcoin?

Today Bitcoin jumped above $ 9,000, so the beginning bullrun precisely there. Anthony Pompliano predicts a bullish trend at least for 12 months. If all goes well, the period will last for a year and a half.

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Bakkt launch Bitcoin futures on July 22. What are the problems of the stock market will decide the platform?

The situation with Bitcoin futures Bakkt clear: the company will begin testing on July 22. Inside the list of problems of the stock market and which platform wants to enter the market.

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“Profit should be more.” The Creator of the mining-pool EMCD.IO competition with China for Bitcoin miners

Interviewed Michael Gerlis, which created a pool of EMCD.IO. The main feature of the last — switching capacity of the users to the most profitable coins.

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Everything is new: why the next bullrun will not be like all the previous?

The end of 2017 is significantly different from today. Talk about the key points that makes the current bullrun much more promising.

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How much is an Gram tokens from Pavel Durov?

Telegram Open Network will be the main event of this year in the cryptocurrency space. And even though the preliminary launch of the project will take place in autumn, it is hot now. Experts predict a possible value of the token and speculate about the prospects of mining.

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