CRYPTOMACH / Mining 85 percent of all bitcoins, the Litecoin halving and the end of anonymity in Russia

The last seven days called the week of mining. For a start, the miners got 85 percent of all existing bitcoins. In addition, we held the second part of our super-experiment on budget graphics cards and summed up. Finally, analysts called the end of 2019, a terror to the owners of ASIC Bitcoin. Remember these and other important events.

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Be afraid, Bitcoin: the Ethereum no longer believe Aldona

Staff exchange San Francisco Open Exchange noted the high potential of Ethereum and while pleased with the efficiency project developers. In this regard, they recommend to stop Ethereum classified as althin. Cryptocurrency Vitalik Buterin has outgrown this title.

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The end of anonymity: in Russia banned replenish Yandex.Money and QIWI without documents

The Central Bank has tightened monitoring of users Yandex.Money, QIWI, PayPal, WebMoney and Pay VK. Now the owners of anonymous wallets on the specified platforms will be able to solely replenish their Bank accounts. In other words, anonymity is over.

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What cryptocurrency wallet to choose? Seven best apps for a smartphone on iOS and Android

Chose the most popular cryptocurrency wallets for mobile devices. Seven models, each suitable for iOS and Android. And different reasonable interface and support.

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How much it will cost to transfer nearly half a billion dollars in Bitcoin?

On the background of the transfer amount, the Commission was just a penny. What is true of conventional banks. For sending 468 million in the Department would be asked 1.68 million dollars. Shes.

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To halving Litecoin has less than five days. What to expect from coin prices?

The decline in the reward for the block of Litecoin will be held on Monday. The growth rate of the coins has not happened, so it pays to prepare for the worst scenario. By the way, for LTC miners are predicting problems.

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Who and how will pay taxes with cryptocurrencies in Russia?

Representatives of the Association of Russian lawyers working on the tax system of digital assets. This is an unofficial document, but it will offer to the public. Perhaps the points from it will be in the final Assembly laws.

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How’s the budget graphics card with the help of mining? A new experiment

We conducted a second experiment in mining. This time you got computers with more affordable graphics cards — GTX 1050 ti, RX470, RX480, RX570, and RX580. It was interesting, so please read.

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What country was the first to accept Bitcoin?

Looks like the closest to the adoption of Bitcoin is Singapore. The government is actively working to regulate the assets, but does not prevent blockchain companies to enter the country. On the contrary.

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Produced 85 percent of all bitcoins. What’s next?

The first of August was held a historic event: in the world produces 85% of all possible bitcoins. Remains not so a lot of coins, but because of kalingaw they will be extracted for longer times. Last nominat BTC in the year 2140.

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7 most unusual ways to mine Bitcoin What are they?

Talked about the most unusual options for mining cryptocurrency. Inside mining waste gas on-Board control computer to fly to the moon, and even mining Bitcoin by hand.

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By year-end, mining Bitcoin will become a nightmare. How and why?

In 2019, Hasrat network of Bitcoin set several records. It turns out that the cryptocurrency is becoming safer, however, and mine BTC becomes heavier. By year end, experts expect the new large consignment from the manufacturers. Digging will be harder to 1.5 times.

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Bitcoin exchange rate comes back to normal. Analysts talk about the growth to 50 thousand dollars

In the second half of the week the first cryptocurrency again climbed above 10 thousand dollars. Analysts happy with the situation. After that they even started talking about the prospects for new record prices.

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The largest manufacturer of devices for Bitcoin mining is losing millions

The beginning of the year for Bitmain was not the best. Manufacturer of ASIC miners lost $ 625 million in two months. However, the management hopes the situation will improve by the end of the year. Obviously, the impact of the sale referred to large quantities of devices.

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