CRYPTOMACH / mining on a weak GPU, top cryptocurrency for them, the Scam from Justin Sana and Bitcoin for 55 thousand after halving

Today is the last day of March. Spring is over a third, however, her scent in the niche cryptocurrency began to be felt only now. Yesterday Bitcoin broke through the level of 4200 dollars, although experts do not yet believe in the end of the flat. But after halving BTC can rise to 55 thousand dollars. Remember the statements Vitalik Buterin settings for mining Grin, the possible antics of Craig Wright and the exposure of the network of “fans” Ripple.

The contents

Acne Buterin: I lose faith in humanity, if Tron will go Ethereum

The Creator of Ethereum attended the program Unchained, where he gave an interview to Laura Shin. The highlight of the conversation was saying about Tron. According to Vitalik, victory over ETH TRX will result in his loss of faith in humanity.

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Loans on the blockchain: how does the Maker and why do we need stablon DAI?

Understand the theme Collateralized Debt Position — based Maker of the project DAO. We are talking about the possibility of getting loans in bitcoin by blocking their own funds. Inside is also a description of the mechanism the elimination and creation of personal CDP.

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Craig Wright allegedly buys old Bitcoin wallets. What are its benefits?

On Bitcointalk there was an announcement about the purchase of the old Bitcoin wallets. Conditions: mining with them until 2010 inclusive, the production of at least 300 BTC, zero balance, and something else. For each address offered $ 5,000. Community admits that this is Craig Wright.

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That mine on low graphics? A list of “easy” cryptocurrency and profit from their production

The weak GPU is not a sentence. On it, you can still mine and make money. Inside the list of most profitable coins for Nvidia GTX and GTX 1050Ti 1060 and Radeon R9 380 and RX 480. In addition, there is a list of currencies with small difficulty of mining for solo mode.

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The top 5 cryptocurrencies for long-term investment according to the version of Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings, the experts shared the most promising cryptocurrencies to invest on them. The list includes Ripple XRP, EOS, Bitcoin and two coins. Explanation of choice is attached.

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As mine Grin? Settings, the profitability of production and the right equipment

Examined under the microscope Grin. Describe the principle of operation MimbleWimble, especially coins and its funding. Shared settings for mining, to wallets and the team, hasraton cards and profitability of production.

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The current flat may be the longest in the history of Bitcoin. Why is it good?

Trader Murad Makhmudov predicted the date of reaching the market bottom. This should happen in the second quarter of 2019. In addition, for maturation to bullrun will need at least another year.

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Who supports Ripple? The exposure of the network of bots to create fake promote cryptocurrency

Cryptocommunist uncovered a scheme to manipulate the consciousness of the participants of the niche coins. We are talking about Ripple XRP to promote which used a network of bots. If you see the network approving comments and feedback — don’t rush to buy.

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Drawing the Tesla from Justin Sana Scam? The contest is over, the community is outraged

The contest from the Creator of Tron has failed. The selection of the winner was carried out very weird: Justin San added not pre-announced terms, spent a lot of repeated peaks and even deleted the tweet congratulating the alleged new owner of Tesla. It smells like a hoax and a simple desire to promote her Twitter account.

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New metrics of Bitcoins. When cryptocurrency will rise to 50 thousand dollars?

Researchers have shared new experimental metrics of market valuation: the pinnacle of capitalization and its Delta. The combination of the two graphs allows to estimate the maximum price of Bitcoin the next bullrun. It’s kind of like 48% 724 dollars.

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Bitcoin will rise in price to 55 thousand dollars after halving. Why acne Buterin don’t like it?

Halving Bitcoin is still considered the main condition for the growth of the market. Trader and analyst under the name PlanB predicts influx of users and the associated growth rate of the first cryptocurrencies. By the way, acne Buterin sees deflationary model awards BTC vulnerability.

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The next few days will be the most important for Bitcoin. What’s supposed to happen?

Under the name CryptoBirb analyst believes the next few days are very important. The case in the closing of the current candle on the 1 week chart, which coincides with the closure of the daily, monthly and quarterly candles. In the end we have the prospect of a sharp change of course. May jump to 4200 dollars was its beginning.

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