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Last week was remembered by the swings of the Bitcoin exchange rate and Libra problems with the government. But it was much more interesting. For example, in the U.S. Congress first heard the word “shidoin”, and the sagging market has forced holders to actively merge their coins. We also spoke about the fate of the first cryptocurrency without miners, found out the best time for trading and I remembered the incredible forecast of anonymous, which is suspiciously exactly come true.

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In altcoins soon shall flow of “smart money.” It can bring a tenfold profit

Participants in the community predict the onset of the season altcoins. Here to help investors begin to diversify their portfolios. And to do this will be using coins with the lowest rate. This will trigger growth.

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The fall of Bitcoin was the cause of the panic mounts and the mass discharge of coins

The week began with the fall of Bitcoin below $ 10 thousand dollars. As a result, the holders of the coins began to sell. A significant outflow of funds recorded on Binance, Bittrex and Bitstamp.

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What would happen if all miners suddenly will no longer mine Bitcoin?

Dismantled a fun topic — prospects for the existence of Bitcoin without miners. If the network remains at least one holder of computing power, the network will continue to work. However, for the first adjustment of difficulty will need 168 years.

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Where is more profitable to just mine Bitcoin?

Talked about the countries in which the cost of electricity allows you to earn a good income mining bitcoins. In the list were China, Venezuela and other countries.

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The ban of Bitcoin by the government — reality or fiction?

Criticism of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from governments this week continued. In this regard, there was a reasonable question: can a state ban coins? In theory this is possible, but prospects for similar action there.

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What allcoin to buy to get x?

Representatives of the Shinobi Capital conducted a study and shared some interesting results. According to them, the token exchange OKEx will rise considerably in price. We are talking about a possible jump to $ 30 a year and a half, which is equivalent to 17 x’s.

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Hackers stole 7074 bitcoin on Binance. How many of them managed to get?

In early may, users Binance lost 7074 bitcoins, which then was equivalent to 41 million dollars. To buy stolen coins Lamborghini over control of the exchanges failed. The attackers withdrew only 21 thousand dollars.

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Where to watch the courses of cryptocurrencies and the data on them? Alternatives CoinMarketCap

Told about alternatives to CoinMarketCap, which also provide data about the cryptocurrency. The list is Blockmodo, Coinratecap, Coinpaprika other options.

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Forecast anonymous trader at the exchange rate of Bitcoin is coming to pass with stunning accuracy

In January, anonymous has published a forecast for exchange rate of Bitcoin, and until November of the following year. Two of the six predictions have already come true, so looking forward to the next. If all goes smoothly, next October BTC price will rise to 16 thousand.

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Ban cryptocurrencies Libra will be a disaster for the United States. Why?

Representatives of Libra not want to ban its project from the government of the United States. Therefore, the “cryptocurrency” Facebook is positioned as a response to China, which already took the lead in Bitcoin. Such an approach could work.

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Bitcoin is no longer the most popular cryptocurrency in darknet. Who took his place?

Bitcoin is still the leading cryptocurrency in darknet but it is valued less. Lovers of privacy prefer Monero and zcash for. Information is confirmed by the Mosaic staff.

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When is the best time to trade Bitcoin for profit maximization?

The volatility of the exchange rate of Bitcoin is prone to outbursts. The most active changes take place at 3 o’clock in the morning Moscow time. In theory, this allows both more money and more to lose.

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Updated Ethereum 2.0 will easily solve the problem with attacks on the network

Update project Vitalik Buterin will make the network more secure. Proof of share ownership or Proof of Stake will make it easy to resist the attacks of unscrupulous members of the network will be fined in the future be deprived of the right to vote.

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