CRYPTOMACH / Mysterious transfer 856 thousand BTC, Antminer profitability S11, mining on any device and hunt for gozlerimi ETH

The new year has become closer for another week. Buying gifts while you can not rush, but to sum up the last seven days for the world of cryptocurrencies is a must. In the news today remember the strong faith of billionaires in the Bitcoin BTC the most important transactions in the history, new products from Bitmain and settings for mining Zcoin.

Stop panicking: why Bitcoin will never fall to zero?

The market is still in a protracted fall. In this regard, the cries of the imminent death of the main cryptocurrency heard from any lane. Worry about: the infamous “spiral of death” of Bitcoin does not exist. Instead, we will change the complexity of the production of the first coin and the eternal love of the miners.

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How to make money on mining on any device: 2Miners launched a Monero pool

For cryptocurrency mining need to buy a bunch of ASIC miners or graphics cards of the last generation. Even today it is possible to use the good old CPU. The main contender for owners of processors — Monero.

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Why billionaires believe in the growth of cryptocurrencies? A convincing answer

Any drop in Bitcoin and the market provoked the emergence of tears beginners. But veteran rich players are holding, and hardly pay attention to sagging. First, they do not invest everything in the crypt, and secondly, the historical performance of the BTC allude to its fast growth. And to new heights. Wait.

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The eight most important transaction in the history of Bitcoin. What are they?

Everyone has heard about the two pizzas, which Laszlo Haniz bought for 10 thousand bitcoins back in 2010. This is not the only important operation in the history of cryptocurrency. Tell at least seven transactions, which is the first exchange BTC to Fiat, a record Commission and hacking of Bitstamp.

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The life of whales: who did 856 of thousands of bitcoins last week?

Cryptocommunist shook the mysterious translation of thousands of bitcoins equivalent of USD 2.9 billion. It seems that the operation meets Coinbase. The exchange could simply move coins between their own wallets.

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Analysts BitMEX: from the network of Bitcoin is off over a million ASIC miners

Drop Hasrat network of Bitcoin is hard to miss: since November this year dropped by a third. The figure is equivalent to 1.3 million ASIC-miners Antminer model S9. Miners forced to shut down due to the devaluation of BTC.

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Bitmain Antminer DR5 presented at 34 TH/s. The profitability of production and the characteristics of the miner

At the completion Bitmain — Antminer DR5 for the production of Decred. The device costs $ 1430, issue 34 TH/s and consumes 1800 watts. Calculations of profitability and payback of the devices inside article.

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S11 Antminer from Bitmain is available for order worldwide. Profitability and return on investment models

Not without a new model for SHA-256, i.e. Bitcoin mining and Bitcoin Cash. Hasrat Antminer S11 is 20.5 TH/s, the consumption — 1435 watts. The day all of this will bring about 1.36 dollars profit at the cost of 5 cents a kilowatt.

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Bitcoin will absorb all Fiat will increase to 100 thousand. Interview with max Kaiser

A former broker on wall street, Max Keiser discussed the current situation around the cryptocurrency market. The expert considers the base price of Bitcoin at $ 200, sees the war of Harrachov “rejection of scoundrels” and predicts 100 thousand dollars for a single BTC.

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As mine Zcoin? Settings production on Windows and HiveOS, hardware requirements and the effectiveness of different graphics cards

After hard forks 10 Dec Zcoin switched from algorithm Lyra2z on MTP. It has provided protection of networks from attacks and defining the influence of ASIC miners. Learn the settings for Windows, HiveOS and CPU, profitability and production efficiency of cards. By the way, the yield of extraction Zcoin ahead of Ethereum is about 3 times.

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Hackers hunt for owners of the Ethereum wallets. How not to lose all the cryptocurrency?

ETH owners need to be more careful — they hunt hackers. The latter used the standard port for the JSON-RPC interface. If the user opened the port 8545, he could lose coins. Time to change your password.

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Endless short: as sellers of Asimov pushing mining to the abyss

Chinese sellers are miners heavy today instead of a queue of customers, they see empty shelves. Out helps interesting scheme, which is based on rumor and manipulation of colleagues.

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Young cryptomelane Eric Finman: Bitcoin is dead, Bitcoin is better than Cash

At the time, Tinman put gift money from her grandmother in BTC, and then became a millionaire. It seems that ever since he became disillusioned with Bitcoin. The guy called him dead, and cryptocommunist — scattered. In addition, he praised the BCH.

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