CRYPTOMACH / New ASICS from Innosilicon and Bitmain, criticism Baterina and mysterious Russian cruiser gold

The first week of August was incredible. Cryptocommunist received three new ASIC miner nice comments about the future of Bitcoins and the news about billions of dollars in profits Bitmain. We also dealt with the imminent fork of Bitcoin and mining Akroma. Remember the main thing.

Pangolinminer released Whatsminer M10 — ASIC for mining Bitcoins. Compared with Antminer S9i

Chinese Pangolinminer announced Whatsminer M10. The model is designed for SHA-256 and mining BTC/BCH. Hasrat is 33 TH/s, and the equivalent consumption 2145 watt. On the day the device will bring a little less than $ 8. Inside the article also has a comparison with an Antminer S9i.

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Pantera Capital: Bitcoin will rise to 97 thousand dollars by the end of 2019

Monday also pleased with a good forecast of the exchange rate of Bitcoin. Representatives Pantera Capital sure 21 thousand dollars before the end of this year and 97 thousand by the end of 2019.

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Anonymous Bitcoin useless fork of Bitcoin and Zclassic. Who will get free coins and when you run a network?

Soon on the basis of Zclassic blockchains and Bitcoin will be a new coin called Bitcoin Anonymous. Inside — description of the project, its idea and other things. The owners of BTC and ZCL will receive $ANON in the ratio of 1 to 1. So expect the growth rate Zclassic.

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Acne Buterin: kriptonyte develops in the wrong direction

The Creator of Ethereum, believes the hype on the topic of ETF to be excessive. In his opinion, it is more important to give the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency ordinary people. With Vitalik’s hard to disagree.

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As mine Akroma? Especially coins, the profitability of production AKA and configure the farm

Akroma is a small coin, which support mining and masternode. The maximum amount will be 100 million coins, and the rate AKA hovers around 8 cents. In the article there are links to wallets for cryptocurrency, a description of suitable equipment and manual for mining.

And this tab displays the status of Akroma on mining-pool 2Miners. Come mine with us.

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Innosilicon has teamed up with Samsung and created the T2-Turbo. The profitability of “best Bitcoin miner in the world”

Innosilicon comes on the heels of Bitmain. The company introduced the T2-Turbo for the extraction of Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. The device costs $ 1,350 and pays for itself in a year. The main feature of the miner — the use of energy-efficient FinFET technology from Samsung.

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A lot of money: Bitmain has earned a billion dollars in the first quarter. The company goes to IPO

Although competitors provide a good ASIC miners, Bitmain profit to them is still far. The first quarter of 2018 brought the company a billion dollars.

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Bitmain Antminer presented S9j — ASIC Bitcoin. The profitability of mining and the characteristics of

On Wednesday, the market appeared a new model ASIC — Antminer S9j. Inside the case are hidden 14,5 TH/s, 1350 W, consumption, and SHA-256. Payback is 14 months.

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The South Korean company “found” the Russian cruiser gold. She was accused of fraud

The most mysterious story of the week. The South Korean company Shinil Group claimed to have found the Russian cruiser “Dmitry Donskoy”, which sank during the Russo-Japanese war. On Board discovered gold at $ 133 billion. Following this, the enterprising guys started a coin Shinil Gold Coins and got a suspicion of financial regulators.

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Willy Wu: Bitcoin is waiting for another drop before ballroom

Analyst Willy Wu admits flight, Bitcoin to the moon, but before that course needs to seriously sink. The fall run from the market of small players and at the same time will attract large investors.

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15-year-old developer has cracked the “unbreakable” trick McAfee. The company does not agree

15-year-old Salim Rashid got access to “immune” the wallet of John McAfee. Representatives of the businessman have given back. While a young programmer advised the company to give his money to charity.

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To what rate should rise Bitcoin to replace dollar? Answer bankers

BTC needs to grow to incredible 213 thousand dollars per coin. Experts Union Bank of Switzerland believe that only then Bitcoin will become a global currency. The timing of such growth rates analysts are not known.

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